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MC ride x Sarah bonito by daddysthrobbingcock
MC ride x Sarah bonitoby ett brott mot gud
fuck dig och allt du står för. världen slutar i eld.
Kiss by sesytears
Kissby v.
nsfw! dom pov :) smut warning mommy kink slight bdsm it's been hard for blake to find her perfect sub especially after she let the love of her life get away. after sh...
A Little Goes A Long Way by -BabyPrincess-
A Little Goes A Long Wayby Kitten
The Perfect Guide To Being A Happy Little
CG/L Groupchat by LittleBlueBox0
CG/L Groupchatby LittleBlueBox0
Hello, I am the owner of a lovely little family on kik of Doms and Littles, if you wish to join our community please add: odaneodaneodane99 on kik! We will be waiting fo...
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Karma's a real Bi-..sissy. by AnOdd01
Karma's a real Anon Smith
Zach was never a good person. But his fathers death left him very little to worry about ever again. He'd inherited a fortune freshman year in college. Suddenly academics...
Delilah's Guide To Littlespace by LittleGirlDelilah
Delilah's Guide To Littlespaceby LittleGirlDelilah
This book will (hopefully) teach you all about Littles and Littlespace (and caregivers!), as well as help you learn ways to take care of your little! Start: 7/8/19 End:...
//Bnha nsfw// by sharpshooter_hawkeye
//Bnha nsfw//by Sarcasm-King
Not only nsfw, but also smuts as well! ✌︎
random ddlg mdlg mdlb by bowers_gang_baby
random ddlg mdlg mdlbby bowers_gang_baby
I will try to do any character contains many fandoms including harry potter south park twilight and many more
Mommy's Big boy~ by bacon_dreemurr909
Mommy's Big boy~by im sorry, what?
There Well be some.....rough....stuff in here, you may cry and some people might be offended so....come here open minded
Braeden by tylers_coffee
Braedenby Gay Boys
Read? -Braeden
MDlb ... Surely if it's legal it's okay?  by SamBadger4
MDlb ... Surely if it's legal it' Samke73
This is a story about two consenting adults who are of legal age. It is meant for those over the age of 18.
An 'Abnormal' childs life by LogicalDeception
An 'Abnormal' childs lifeby DxddyDeeSxnders
Whatever you are going through, You need to know you are not alone. There are people who will completely ignore that they have problems and not try to fix them at all. T...
AOT oneshots                             (ddlg-ddlb) by missing_marnie
AOT missing_marnie
AOT oneshots (ddlg-ddlb) Attack On Titan DDLG/DDLB DDLG DDLB is: •Dominant Daddy Little Girl •Dominant Daddy Little Boy I will also do •Dominant Mummy Little Girl •Do...
Littlespace Stuffs by ollietrashpanda
Littlespace Stuffsby Ollie
°•Not sure if I'm Posting this•°
The Book of Smut (Taking Requests) by Yuri_On_Rice
The Book of Smut (Taking Requests)by Yuri_On_Rice
❗❗⚠️For mature audiences⚠️❗❗