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To Tie A Knot by Authentic_Trash
To Tie A Knotby Logan
DLAMP Soulmate AU Ethel Lyar never got to meet the person on the other side of his Fatestring. The small line if yarn had been snipped in half before he got the chance. ...
Mystics (Sanders Sides) by MoonGazer215
Mystics (Sanders Sides)by Dontdeleteuracct
Patton Fallow lived a quiet life helping the other fantastical creatures. That is, until Logan Killer showed up at his doorstep with Virgil Peregrine. At first, Patton t...
As It Must Be by LostAndBlue
As It Must Beby Meeeeeee
(!!POLYSANDERS!!) There's an order to things. In the name of fairness and meeting the entire country's needs, everyone is ranked on how dominant they were on a scale of...
Children Will Grow by Absolute_Ship_Trash
Children Will Growby Absolute_Ship_Trash
Okay, so imagine our favorite Sanders (Thomas is included of course) as smol precious beans going to Elementary. This is where the story starts, and honestly I thought t...
Roman Sanders Angst Oneshots by _-transpiracy-_
Roman Sanders Angst Oneshotsby B E A U
REQUESTS ARE OPEN Lots of bad things in this book, would not recommend reading Stay safe <3
Sander Sides OneShots by AnAverageGayFanby
Sander Sides OneShotsby Nico
Two Pair Ships: 1) AnxietyxCreativity (Prinxiety) 2) AnxietyxDeceit (Anxceit) 3) AnxietyxLogic (Analogical) 4) AnxietyxMorality (Moxiety) 5) AnxietyxThomas (Thomxiety) 6...
Soul Bound [OLD VERSION] by loganlylogical
Soul Bound [OLD VERSION]by r*mr*m shippers DNI
A cunning snake, a reclusive bat, a friendly Labrador, a clever owl, and a regal peacock. What do all of these animals have in common? Everyone is born with what is cal...
Sanders Sides Oneshots by Starlit_Kitten
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby Rae W
Angst Fluff Maybe some smut? Requests Open~
Deceit Oneshots by Pengi11
Deceit Oneshotsby Elliott
So... I don't use Deceit in my work very often, so why not make a book surrounding him. All of the works in here will be fluffy and there will be no Toxic Relationships...
Sanders Sides One-Shots!! by jowritesthings
Sanders Sides One-Shots!!by Jo (she/her)
What it says on the tin: Sanders Sides one-shots. Various ships and shenanigans. Everything from platonic to romantic and everything in between! I write platonic, romant...
Sander Sides One Shots (requests closed/on hiatus) by Halloween_Everyday
Sander Sides One Shots (requests c...by Roman🐍 (they/them)
Hey I have too many ideas and too little attention span to focus on just one so let's create a one shot book! 💜 Requests Open 💜 *i own no art unless stated* *no smut*
Sanders Sides One-shot book by CCATFVAM
Sanders Sides One-shot bookby CC@2am
It's one-shots of everything, ships and all! All warnings will be labeled along with the ships at the start of each story
Sanders Sides as Vines by Roasted_Coffee
Sanders Sides as Vinesby *sips tea*
I made a book called Musical Shit Post but I want to write random shit for Sanders Sides now. So sit back, get a drink, some food and read this shit I wrote. Only if you...
Writing Prompts by Pengi11
Writing Promptsby Elliott
Just a book of writing prompts! Enjoy!
Sanders Sides One-Shots And AUs by striderhell
Sanders Sides One-Shots And AUsby strider
Sanders Sides Oneshot Prompt Swap by Pengi11
Sanders Sides Oneshot Prompt Swapby Elliott
A book dedicated to the oneshots Eva and I swap prompts for. She'll write her version of it and I'll write my version so we can see how they differ. - Cover credit to @l...
Lost In The Wrong Story by CasMichaelRose
Lost In The Wrong Storyby Juniper
~A collaboration with @iwillsithereandtrytocontribute from Tumblr.~ When Roman abruptly excuses himself from their board game, Janus feels uneasy while the others d...
Sander's Sides Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by MuffinPugHugs
Sander's Sides Oneshots (REQUESTS...by swag money
A bunch of oneshots for the youtube series by your favorite vine star, Thomas Sanders! (if you are reading this i am sorry)
Sander Sides One Shots {Requests Open} by JayNightmare1
Sander Sides One Shots {Requests O...by Jay N.
this is a one shot book- for basically every single ship. uh- warning will be out if needed!