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Sidratul Muntaha by roshannay
Sidratul Muntahaby roshannay
"Jibreel..." Her voice whispered in abandon, his name. His heartbeat faltered. "My Rabb have surely created you just for me... Everything you do... Every...
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Magi x Reader by Cupcakes4eves
Magi x Readerby Cupcakes4eves
Reverse-Hareeeeemmmmm :P Meep *Also back from the dead, wassup?*
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The Bridge between Heaven and Hell by NSK1271
The Bridge between Heaven and Hellby Army_blink_4_ever!!
Can Angels and demons work together without trying to kill each other? Amelia Moor is an Angel, part of the royal family along with her older brother Shadow Moor. Tensio...
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The guardin of the djinns (magi) (slow updates/on hiatus of sorts) by 2004dc11
The guardin of the djinns (magi) ( Pan With A Plan
Akuma nigiha is a small woman with the kindness of 1 million. She was born with white hair and orange-red eyes. As the years past she suddenly developed powers unknown t...
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The Magician,  The Ex-Assassin and A Little Love by Kjoarthur
The Magician, The Ex-Assassin ✨ Kaelyn ✨
UNDER MAJOR EDITING {SnB Ja'far x Reader} (Y/n) a girl who barely the age of 8 left her Homeland after escaping a shopkeeper, ending up on a boat and having to work ther...
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Magi: Home ||[Magi x Reader Fan Fic]|| by sxinbad
Magi: Home ||[Magi x Reader Fan sxinbad
A hundred years has passed and a lot of things have changed. But....what have their enemies been doing while they were away? Embark on a thrilling adventure with (Y/n) a...
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Lost by l3eautifulxl3east
Lostby l3eautifulxl3east
Check out the my story Jezebel Janssen was in danger. They took her mom, all she knows is that whoever took her wanted Jezebel to find her or at least try... but why? r...
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Paki vs. Nigga by Roflolmao
Paki vs. Niggaby Roflolmao
WARNING: Very offensive! If you're anti-racist, I strongly advise you to click away. Contains strong language and adult themes. You know those two characters that suppo...
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Good And Bad by StarryStargaryen
Good And Badby চন্দ্ররাজ
Jinns are just like humans in a sense, my dear. Like us, they will have an afterlife. Like us, they are going to go through The Judgment..because like us, like you and m...
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You're Delusional by Hydrangeawrites
You're Delusionalby Hydrangeawrites
He wasn't wrong telling me I should learn to keep my nose clean, but I fell into this ditch called love before I could even attempt to. In a dystopian setting where hum...
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L'Allée des Rois by Punxsutawneyphil
L'Allée des Roisby Punxsutawneyphil
Conte arabe. Quand le vieux roi Araslane disparaît selon la tradition dans la légendaire Allée des Rois qui s'enfonce dans le désert, son fils le prince ne peut le suppo...
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Shouna La genèse Maudite by diamelee
Shouna La genèse Mauditeby diamelee
Ce roman (le premier d'une trilogie) a été écrit dans la pure tradition Africaine. Celle de l'oralité. Celle de l'image du quotidien. Donc, il est écrit sous forme de ré...
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Queen of the Night by alina69
Queen of the Nightby alina69
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ѕтσяу вєуσи∂ нєя ғᴀᴄᴀᴅᴇ〈мαgι fαи fι¢〉 by thickiepops
ѕтσяу вєуσи∂ нєя ғᴀᴄᴀᴅᴇ〈мαgι fαи ↠ Irene
Darkness.. Was all she could recall after that horrific tragedy in the other world. Her face was left emotionless as a recap of what happened rushed through mind while s...
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Linked Souls by 0ru_M41t0
Linked Soulsby DjinnFox
Les jumeaux Dream et Night vivent ensemble en tant que fratrie unie comme avant. Mais, un jour, lorsque le Maître des Cauchemars se promenait, il fut témoin d'une agress...
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The Sinner's Heart by missA_queeshamaldus
The Sinner's Heartby Queesha Maldus
Nakagawa si Artemis ng isang napakabigat na kasalanan. Ang parusa: Ginawa siyang tao. Isang Fallen Angel. Hindi siya kailanman makababalik sa Janna (paraiso) hangga't hi...
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Between Always and Never by munkhjra
Between Always and Neverby munkhjra
Ari just wanted to live a normal life. In his opinion, adventure was overrated. He never wanted his heart to beat too fast or have to make life-or-death decisions. Once...
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The Power of a Sneeze by RichardPenholt
The Power of a Sneezeby RichardPenholt
An adventure into a world of magic and oddball characters. When an adventure crosses into realms unknown of by man- a unique story pours forth-threatening to engu...
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Al Ahmadi Djinn Genie Invocation Spell Djinns. +256783573282 Kuwait by lubowa1234
Al Ahmadi Djinn Genie Invocation lubowa muwanga
Al Ahmadi Djinn Genie Invocation Spell Djinns. +256783573282 Kuwait city Jinns, Genies are also living beings but they are made of fire. Genie or Jinns can be conquered...
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