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The Killing Song -  A DJD Transformers Action Romance Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by LostToTheRiver
The Killing Song - A DJD LostToTheRiver
[COMPLETED] The All Spark made Chambex with one purpose: to take down Tarn. She disguises herself as a potential agent of the DJD, but Tarn rapidly develops feelings fo...
Metal Addiction Anonymous  by SkullChick15
Metal Addiction Anonymous by SkullChick15
Come one, come all. Together we can cure our metal addictions. Short story's about what else . . . Transformers. Smut, fluff, and more than likely at some point gore wi...
The Missing Note by LastLightAlive
The Missing Noteby ♡(●´ω`●)
TFP x MTMTE crossover - Yandere! Tarn x Human! Reader ............................................................
Transformers x reader/one-shots by Ms-Panda_reads
Transformers x reader/one-shotsby Panda
This is my first x reader so I hope it goes well! TFA, TFP and MTMTE NO smut/lemons Human(mostly human), cybertronian, techno-organic, etc. (HIATUS) MTMTE, TFP, and TFA...
Predatory by swordsandroses
Predatoryby Caroline Grace
When Dreadflight, a Decepticon assassin, is apprenticed to the D.J.D, she is surprisingly welcomed. The D.J.D. has their own set of demons, often in the form of Overlord...
Finding light that had been lost by Sweets_and_treats
Finding light that had been lostby Sweets 'n treats
You've escaped the clutches of the DJD which leaves you at the mercy of a small ship named the Lost Light. Let's see all of the wacky adventures you have with secrets an...
|{Little Abominations}| by Black_Paladin
|{Little Abominations}|by Paladin
A transformers MTMTE fanfic Attacking the DJD was already asking for death sentence. But kidnapping the infamous Tarn's own children? Well, you were almost guaranteed a...
Sick of Seek - By Redwing Skyfire  by MilesRedwing
Sick of Seek - By Redwing Skyfire by Redwing Supernova
"Sì, ho scritto io la storia. E sì, è in terza persona, preferivate altro?"
We Are Fate (Transformers X Reader) Oneshots by Prismatic_Mage
We Are Fate (Transformers X Archangel
A collection of different X Readers for these universes Prime, G1, Armada, Mtmte, Till All Are One, Lost Light, RiD 2015, and Animated. Request are Open
Shattered Peace by swordsandroses
Shattered Peaceby Caroline Grace
Book 2 of the Rising Storm Series Dreadflight has spent three years with the DJD, chasing down lead after lead, hoping to track down what remains of the Functionist Coun...
ily// avani gregg// by boonsslut
ily// avani gregg//by 🤡🐀Rat🐀🤡
avani: y/n i- i love you... you: avani i dont think i love you... you: i know i love you!
L'Amor che Move il Sole e l'Altre Stelle by BennyKi
L'Amor che Move il Sole e l' Gio
[Jonathan is curious about what Dio seems to be so interested in reading.] Ayyy this is a sort of continuation to my other JD fanfic, as always, the characters belong to...
Retaliation by Knockout-Starscream
Retaliationby Shayna
After the events of Transformers Prime and Robots In Disguise. Cybertron is at peace. Well until the DJD starts causing trouble. Can the Autobots stop them before it's t...
If the outsiders got a Instagram by Bubble_Jellyfish
If the outsiders got a Instagramby ..Princess..
So yea. I just thought of this. I read the book and watched the movie a year ago. So then yea. Hope you enjoy!!!!
Blueberry Romance [Tarn x Reader] by bliztbika
Blueberry Romance [Tarn x Reader]by Bika
|cover art are credited to their artist| The DJD are known to others. Except you. You manage to melt Tarn's cold heart and he wants you. Mafia & Humanformers AU
DJDs Little 'Con by Cosmos_IDW
DJDs Little 'Conby Cosmos
Tailgate sleeps through the Lostlights' launch and is instead found by The Decepticon Justice Division after he almost shoots Tarn, but instead of ordering his immediate...
Transformers prime: Just Breath by TARN-76
Transformers prime: Just Breathby TARN-76
A new member has recently joined Team Prime. A short time passes and next thing you know the DJD's here. Raph will be useful. Like he'll know about technology and how t...
Before - A Tesarus x Helex DJD Humor Comedy Romance Transformers Fanfiction by LostToTheRiver
Before - A Tesarus x Helex DJD LostToTheRiver
Helex, now unemployed, seeks work in Tesarus's junkyard. Tesarus is unkindly at first, but as the two come to accept each other, a wonderous relationship sparks.
Transformers Roleplay book  by theamazingwiccan
Transformers Roleplay book by Helexamazingwiccan
Warning some of it may be 18 + and will include some trigger warnings for some fantasy if it is . Some are going to be pg
Transformers: Redemption (English Version) by XJaneShepardX
Transformers: Redemption ( Jane Diana Shepard
Confrontation with Shockwave didn't pass without consequences, Optimus's spark began to decay, and the Matrix of Leadership decided that his successor will be... Megatro...