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One That Got Away by Pixee_Styx
One That Got Awayby Sam Schill
*Shortlisted for Wattys 2017* Sixteen year old Charlie Shultz almost died ten years ago, when a little boy lured her away with murder on his mind. She escaped, but now h...
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Secret by meeka12
Secretby meeka12
Shy Megan has just moved to a new town and started a new school. This is her seventh school so she is use to being the new girl. Megan starts school and is doing fine an...
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My Baby (Sequel to The Perfect Doll) by galactic_tearz
My Baby (Sequel to The Perfect Dol...by Galactic Tears
5 years after Daisy was freed and after she gave birth, Peter is back in town. But he made a few changes to himself to avoid police. Daisy is married to Liam, and as fa...
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Endless obsession by shadowedeyes
Endless obsessionby shadowedeyes
6 months after the worst point of Alexandra's life, she's finally starting to get back to normal. She has her own apartment, her best friend lived just 2 floors down and...
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The Dawn Of Heroes by Ultamaineum
The Dawn Of Heroesby Ultamaineum
In a new land, heroes and villains alike will work together in times of crisis to find their way home. During their journey they will bond, fight and discover why they a...
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Disturbed // NCT Yuta ff by Just_novelz
Disturbed // NCT Yuta ffby Just_novels
"Yora? Is that you?!" "Yuta?!" "It's too late! I'm sorry!" "No, Yuta just hold on for one sec-" "Remember me..." ...
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The Vengeful One /We Are The  ones by therustyone888
The Vengeful One /We Are The onesby therustone888
We represent feelings subject or emotions in this world We are the ones We are everywhere Ps anime I dont own him or the pictures and I own the oc
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Terror Squad  by bxaxnxa
Terror Squad by Mélanine érotique
We are EVERYWHERE! Under your bed, in your head plaguing your every thought, dream and nightmare. We're what the adults don't believe, what the kids see and the dogs hea...
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Vol1/Sociopathic/MPD.ASPD.PPD.EUPD.PTS/ by NonXistant
Vol1/Sociopathic/MPD.ASPD.PPD.EUPD...by X
Finished. Volume 2 of my Ramblings on this existence with Mixed personalities has already started. My opinion on this " Real Life" I'm not Normal Actually Pas...
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Korn On The Cob (Korn fanfiction with other bands) by Imogenspace89
Korn On The Cob (Korn fanfiction w...by Scarletneeds90
This is about two girls (Haley and Skylar) who are friends and meet Korn at a festival and befriends them. They start hanging out and doing everything together. Some oth...
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Temper (Taboo Book 1) by BriSChapman
Temper (Taboo Book 1)by Brittany Chapman
'Our life was the most agonizing hell, razor-sharp with a love we didn't want to release and unable to repent.' ____________ Olivia's privilege...
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Damaged by bekah-x
Damagedby B
Anna Metcalfe has a past. A dangerous one. Running from her nightmares she trusts no one and struggles to forget her past life. But, when she meets troubled Stuart and t...
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Me and the Devil by venessa34
Me and the Devilby Maniac girl
Hello everybody. This is my first book or whatever you want to call. I'm just so excited. Elizabeth is a charming and beautiful girl in a forbidden relationship with her...
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I'm failing all my classes  by Fetalpuddle856
I'm failing all my classes by WednesdaymyDudes
My first crack at whatever this is 2019 edit: poetry apparently I decided write poetry don't know y don't know how but apparently it's poetry.. just to warn you there ar...
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Excess by unfeignedoptimist
Excessby unfeignedoptimist
An addiction to a necessity. ⚠️ There is triggering content such as details about binge-eating disorder and anorexia nervosa. Cover credit: @unfeignedoptimist
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Disturbed Innocence  by BetrayedByBlood
Disturbed Innocence by Krissi Snow
(VAMPIRE DIARIES & TRUE BLOOD FANFIC) Peter pinned me to the bed by my throat, cutting off my air flow. He was breathing heavily, he looked down upon me snarling through...
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Stricken And Can't Let You Go by brendatheshark
Stricken And Can't Let You Goby brendatheshark
David Draiman x reader... Will contain fluff, possibly *ahem* other things.... But that depends. Hope you like it!
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Just a Feeling by HerDisastrousLife
Just a Feelingby HerDisastrousLife
There are many emotions and feelings in the world. Happiness, depression, excitement, anger, despair, loneliness, confusion, fear, hurt, helplessness, indifference, etc...
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Apartment 7192  by costcot
Apartment 7192 by costcot
A young adult, Isla, nearing the end of her psychology college studies, Isla rented an apartment about three months earlier, but now she decides to fully purchase the ap...
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Collins  by http-bxdguy
Collins by ᴮᴬᴰ ᴳᵁᵞ ™
Is it the end?
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