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Tale of the Setting Sun. by narutouzumaki939099
Tale of the Setting Sun.by ~うずまき ナルト
Naruto was born with hair as fiery as him mother's and intelligence paralleling his father's. Will he use this to bring salvation of destruction to the world?
promise | an aarmau fan fiction by -yourstrulykat
promise | an aarmau fan fictionby ♡
"Let's play a game," he whispers playfully into my ear. I hum and turn my head, "Twenty-two questions?" I ask instantly, a grin tugging at the edge...
Descent Into Madness... (Halloween Special.) by SplendidSuperman122
Descent Into Madness... (Halloween...by SplendidSuperman122
WARNING: Dark and morbid horror story... A 19 year old has lived in poverty his entire life. His parents died years ago in a fire leaving him with a hideously scarred f...
Naruto Retsuden: Toru [SIOC] by Hazunyan
Naruto Retsuden: Toru [SIOC]by Hazunyan
[Male SI/OC FIC] Well fought and well done. All of us fight as one. It took me three years to be able to properly read the faded out kanji of the flimsy poster that I ke...
Beat Poetry by TheVenusWitch
Beat Poetryby TheVenusWitch
Modern beat poetry, old school Kerouac, classic Lana Del Rey. If Lana Del Rey's music had an affair with Jack Kerouac's work their love child would be my poetry, set aga...
My Poetry Collection for the Attys by daydreamofalife
My Poetry Collection for the Attysby Murphy
This is my collection of poems for the Attys! There are ten poems, each in a different poetic form. Thanks for choosing to read them, and thank you to everyone for the...
A Sense of Contribution - The Source of Fulfillment by BSMurthy
A Sense of Contribution - The Sour...by BSMurthy
Say, a server in a hotel, if only he senses his service at the tables as a contribution to the society at large, notwithstanding his modest earnings, still the quality o...
Dark Descents by castevenson
Dark Descentsby Callie
Light, and darkness. Love, and hatred. Honor, and disgrace. Lira used to think that she knew one from the other. A young Heiress living in the glorious realm of Thira...
The Heroes of Emerald Island by arthurdestiney
The Heroes of Emerald Islandby arthurdestiney
This is a story told from the point of view of a twelve-year-old boy, Arthur, against the backdrop of a devastating regional war. Torn away from normal life and with eve...
When We Get There by connectedpetxls
When We Get Thereby Nadia Karizat
It was those moments when he sighed, exasperated with the world, she understood him most. How was it that the two of them were trapped in a limbo wanting to escape and '...
Disillusioned Verse by CJInternicola
Disillusioned Verseby CJInternicola
A collection of poems I've written lately.
The New Years Thing... by Average_Teen_Girl
The New Years Thing...by MiaBieber;)
Mia was just a normal girl throwing one of her usual New Year's parties. But when an annonomus starts texting her, her boyfriend cheats on her, her friend falls in love...
Disillusioned by shai-duck
Disillusionedby shai-duck
Drabble. Love never happens the way it does in fairy tales.
𝖂𝖆𝖗 𝕻𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 by marylunie
𝖂𝖆𝖗 𝕻𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙by Mary Lunie
Remember your worst day? The one who got away? The things you thought, but didn't say? These are poems of heartbreak, desire, and nostalgia.
Segmented Society by GarrettMatthews
Segmented Societyby Garrett Matthews
I took The Lonely Crowd by David Riesman and added to it what it allowed to be made.
A Dream by blukat
A Dreamby blu
The Journal of Leon Laramore by Trevor1832
The Journal of Leon Laramoreby Trevor1832
What is the purpose of thought? Is truth discernible? Can life have meaning without an objective truth? What does this mean to the individual? Such questions are conside...