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In Time by carlysangels_
In Timeby Trish
Rachel Williams, a kindergarten teacher, who is content with her simple life. She always envision a happily ever after life with her fiancé. Will it ever happen? Zachary...
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Complications | ✔ by mack-collette
Complications | ✔by M a c k ♪
"Some things in this world cannot be unsaid, Athella - and my love for you, irrefutably, is one of them." In which Rhys pens out her feelings for the illustrio...
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Wattpadders and Writing by IAmTheMockingjay1
Wattpadders and Writingby CarolinaCrown
Just some recognition to random Wattpadders by dedicating poems, or other pieces of writing to them. (Vote if you want to have a chapter dedicated to you!) {The system i...
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Royally Kissed by poeticpotts
Royally Kissedby 𝚜𝚔𝚢𝚕𝚊𝚛 𝚏𝚘𝚡
In the world of wealth and make-believe, Royally Kissed follows the tale of Paige Cadwyn, an heiress who believes that no man could ever love her despite her beauty and...
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Hackermouth by SIFUBAMBOO
Hackermouthby SIFUBAMBOO
A covert mission untold (Side-Story to 'A Poetic Saga of the Red Noodle Clan') *available on Amazon*
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Unparalleled by mack-collette
Unparalleledby M a c k ♪
[Prequel to Misalignment] A year before she and Cam meet, Matty Leopold has yet to realize most of the problems that will dominate her near future. She's still stuck in...
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Quinn Meets Cadwell  by carlysangels_
Quinn Meets Cadwell by Trish
*ON HOLD* Opposites attract, so they say. Have something in common, brings people together, so they say. Life is full of surprises. Well, that would make you wonder...
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That One Magic Spell [Slow Updates] by bamchristine
That One Magic Spell [Slow Updates]by bamchristine
Magic has always been there, dormant in our bodies. Only when the world started to change and living conditions began to worsen, we went through with the next step in ev...
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Endless Thought by EarthNeedsPluto
Endless Thoughtby Grace :)
Trapped inside her own mind, left to wonder what happened, and why her life came to this. Shadows lurk in the corners of her eyes. Voices emanate from the depths of her...
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The Flat-Footed Astronaut by SIFUBAMBOO
The Flat-Footed Astronautby SIFUBAMBOO
Nostalgic pride exposed (Side-Story to 'A Poetic Saga of the Red Noodle Clan' (Available on
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The Book of Thoughts and Quotes  by carlysangels_
The Book of Thoughts and Quotes by Trish
Inside here contains my thoughts on random stuffs. I also came up with quotes which might appear in my other books. I also included book covers entries for the book cove...
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The Princess and the Contender by victoria112233
The Princess and the Contenderby Tori
Her mother continued to smile, leaning in to speak in her ear. "Sometimes when you love someone, they will do things you don't like and will hurt you and you may hu...
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The Boy In The Window (UNDER EDITING) by readuntilIpassout
The Boy In The Window (UNDER Elssbee
"Save it&" I mumbled, holding back oceans of tears. "But Mack-" "So we're done then" I cut him off "I guess we are" He said qui...
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Press Play by firerose11
Press Playby Abigail
Can you change the future? Will is trying to become a better person. However, when his future self emails him and brings fears to life, he must choose whether or not te...
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The Typewriter Awards 2019 (CLOSED FOR JUDGING) by TheTypewriterAwards
The Typewriter Awards 2019 ( TheTypewriterAwards
Hi! If you see this book, I hope you check it out! This is the first ever Typewriter Awards, this book is for undiscovered authors who have very little reads and votes. ...
Last Glimpse by itwasntme_576
Last Glimpseby tg_nerdd
Hope was just trying to live an average life, in an average home, with an average mom in an average school. But life doesn't like to work that way. In an accident that l...
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Hit Rewind by firerose11
Hit Rewindby Abigail
Did you... Fail that major math test? Forget to put your dog in the kennel? Drive while drunk and kill someone? Even a year ago, there was nothing you could do about any...
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My Jorinda | ✔ (#OnceUponNow) by mack-collette
My Jorinda | ✔ (#OnceUponNow)by M a c k ♪
In which a father and former husband tells his daughter a bedtime story about her late mother. #OnceUponNow Cover made by @barmpot © Makenna Collette (@mack-collette) 20...
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First Love, First War, First Step |√| by firerose11
First Love, First War, First Abigail
In the name of making everyone equal and to prevent what happened with our ancestors, we have created what will be known as the Founding Laws. 1. No markings or piercing...
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