18+ one shots  by Goth_Unicorn_
18+ one shots by Ray SinClair
This will be an exploration of many kinks, fantasies, fetishes, communities and many more sexy things. Non of these story's are real they are based in my mind and the di...
  • dirtystory
  • adult-content
  • bdsm
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Dirty Dolan Imagines  by duhdols
Dirty Dolan Imagines by duhdols
I would say "smut warning" but its a smut blessing
  • graysondolan
  • dirtyimagines
  • fanfiction
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imagines #1 by storysmactinus
imagines #1by storysmactinus
this my old type of imagines I make so you can read them too
  • dirtyimagines
  • marcusandmartinus
  • dirty
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Detroit: Become Human Lemons by ilovemybuttandwontsu
Detroit: Become Human Lemonsby Lia
I'll write whatever you request! Only smut though;) Honestly there needs to be more smut books for this game smh Enjoy~~
  • dbh
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • chloe
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dating colby brock|colby brock romance by colbysdick
dating colby brock|colby brock rom...by fkn.colbybrock onig
This is my first smut and story I've ever written. So excuse me if it's bad. This originally started off as a smut but I turned it romance with the occasional sex scene...
  • dirtyimagines
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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The new neighbors hood by jah_stokeley
The new neighbors hoodby jah_stokeley
You and Michael like each other Read TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENSS
  • oof
  • boy
  • jahseh
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Instagram, j.m.b by gabriela_heree
Instagram, j.m.bby gabriela_heree
this book is about a girl who started posting on Instagram and a boy named Joey caught her attention she started posting daily and he was always acti.ve commenting likin...
  • joeybirlem
  • smutwarning
  • instagram
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Now A Youngboy Story by colemansyniah
Now A Youngboy Storyby ybn.niah
jazmine met this boy at school and they both fall for each other but after finding out she was pregnant with a baby not knowing its not his she is in real love with kent...
  • ynbnamir
  • highschool
  • dirtyimagines
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My best friends brother (dirty crush imagine) FINISHED  by shiftlessriley
My best friends brother (dirty cru...by shiftlessriley
You, your best friend, her brother(your crush), and his girlfriend go on a tight spaced and drama filled camping trip. What will happen??? Read to find out!! FINISHED
  • crushimagines
  • dirtyimagines
My boyfriend Zayn Malik (long) by itz_doll
My boyfriend Zayn Malik (long)by itz_doll
Guys this is my first fanfiction. So I hope you will like this. This my contain some sexual content. So read it on your own risk. I will put a '*' in places which contai...
  • zaynmalik
  • onedirection
  • dirtyimagines
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My Way And My Life To Live by MayaDash
My Way And My Life To Liveby MayaDash
There was a girl named Maddie that will always go to party. Sometimes that she will hide because of her abusive father and meets a boy and they become very close
  • crazy
  • dirtyimagines
  • graysondolan
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In Private  by Mir_Styles
In Private by Aeipathy.Harry
Clarissa Alfonsi is a low grade model nothing compared to Harry's previous girlfriends but she can't help but have a school girl crush on him. When they meet in the most...
  • interracial
  • age
  • onedirection
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Jason McCann Imagines by JMcCann1994
Jason McCann Imaginesby JMcCann1994
Since our beloved Justin is engaged now, Jason McCann is all we have to fantasize about. So, here are some imagines for y'all. Enjoy ;-)
  • gangsters
  • daddy
  • dirtyimagines
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Scandalous | Dolan Twins by xgrethan
Scandalous | Dolan Twinsby dolanss 🤤
"i love you"
  • smuttyfanfic
  • sexy
  • relationship
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chasing chuck bass  by SimplyRuth21
chasing chuck bass by SimplyRuth21
daddy bass
  • chuckbass
  • dirtyimagines
  • fanfiction
(Seth x dark paint-ocs-) 30 Day nsfw challenge... (14+ of age to read this) by Dust_official_sans
(Seth x dark paint-ocs-) 30 Day ns...by BOI YOU NED SIN
Bleh, *insert good things about my OCS here*
  • 30daynsfwchallange
  • dirtyimagines
  • nsfw
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👅Zach Herron imagine👅 by whydontwelover0
👅Zach Herron imagine👅by whydontwelover0
Dirty images of Zach Herron
  • imagines
  • zachherronimages
  • zachherron
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The grade A teacher by ohdam123
The grade A teacherby ohdam123
lola heart is 21 years old. she has just finished her teaching degree and now has got a job in a college. will she stay professional? or will she get dirty? Tommy Hand...
  • lovestory
  • student
  • sexy
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Harry Styles Imagines by extraordinhannah_
Harry Styles Imaginesby hannaaaah ❄️
just a bunch of harry styles imagines that I made.
  • love
  • styles
  • onedirection
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Dolan Twins smut  by elearabbit
Dolan Twins smut by elearabbit
Title kind of explains it. I'll be writing smut, you'll be reading it. Hope you enjoy;)
  • smutwarning
  • dirtyimagines
  • grayson
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