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Taken: A Tiktok Sex Slave Story  by ryleewriter07
Taken: A Tiktok Sex Slave Story by ryleewriter07
17 year old Rylee is kidnapped from her average boring life but finds out stuff about her family she didn't even know about. WARNING: PHYSICAL CONTACT, SEXUAL CONTENT...
Zach Herron's Sex Slave by Chante_Cortez
Zach Herron's Sex Slaveby Chay Selman Cortez
This is the first ever sex slave book on Zach for some reason lmaoo
Magcon/Dolan Twins Dirty Fanfiction by Magconlovezzz
Magcon/Dolan Twins Dirty Fanfictionby Fanfictionista
hey I do fanfiction for these people below (some of them arnt part of magcon or the Dolan twins I just like them) Magcon: Carter Reynolds●Cameron Dallas●Nash&HayesGrier●...
Wdw Smutbook by SprinkleSeavey
Wdw Smutbookby SprinkleSeavey
I take requests ;) If you want to request a smut then private message me :)
Different (Harry Styles) by Emilygali1
Different (Harry Styles)by Emilygali1
⚠️Warning very dirty⚠️ Harry styles. A famous singer in one direction. Sleeps with girls almost every night. But he meets some one. Will they change him? Found out and r...
Revenge by onesaucefanfics
Revengeby onesaucefanfics
"Niall was something unplanned. To put it simply, he was a dare. I was dared to go out with him and I did, only because I actually liked him. I never told him, but...
The Stripper- A Camren Fanfiction by hotdamncamz
The Stripper- A Camren Fanfictionby Planet Green Eyes
By day, Camila is an average 19 year old college student; by night, she is a stripper, working at a bar in Miami. She is very popular with the customers, however a certa...
starring role | Alexander Skarsgård by tololkon
starring role | Alexander Skarsgårdby tololkon
starring role is an Alexander Skarsgård smut. Since there aren't any good AS stories, I've taken in upon myself to bless you simpletons. this book contains rough sex an...
Hot threesome with the Dolan Twins💦😍 by iminlovewithgd
Hot threesome with the Dolan Twins...by iminlovewithgd
If you love the Dolan Twins this will for sure turn you on!
A Game ?! / Grayson Dolan "dirty" fan- fiction by samaradulaimi
A Game ?! / Grayson Dolan "dirty"...by samara
Sally Romas is a popular girl who is a senior and who doesn't usually give chances to boys to talk to her or have a relationship with her. She's a cheerleader. Grayson D...
The boy next door//jesse underhill smut by graysongubler
The boy next door//jesse underhill...by well hi🙈
Jesse is your new neighbor and he's and social media influencer but he's trouble can you stay away from him
Zach Herron / Dirty Imagines  by wdwxeben
Zach Herron / Dirty Imagines by Casper
-highkey s m u t- This book holds a short story within each chapter to please your needs ;) (Omgod this was such a weird phase why do i not remember writing this) Contac...
Multifandom Sexual One Shots by eroticismss
Multifandom Sexual One Shotsby eroticismss
hEY this "book" will contain smut from any and probably every show I watch. Grab your holy water. I don't have many writing limits as this is all strictly fict...
Breakfast With Justin (justin bieber fanfic) by bieberfifty
Breakfast With Justin (justin bieb...by ♡
Hey guys my names Milla, and this is my first fanfic, so be nice :) This is a very dirty/smut justin bieber short fanfiction I made a part 1 and 2 so make sure to click...
Sex With My Teacher (DIRTY) by harrysblueballs
Sex With My Teacher (DIRTY)by harrysblueballs
13+ please or it doesn't rlly matter cause we are all rebels asf
Jacob Sartorius: Friendzone or  Feelings? (partly dirty) 12 + by JeonTamaraUwU
Jacob Sartorius: Friendzone or Fe...by Jeon Tamara💜
A thirteen year old girl who is trapped between 'love' and being 'friends' 😳 Ariel, her parents and her older brother move to Virginia for her dad's new job and discove...
Losing my Virginity from Jc Caylen by ayeisha_jc
Losing my Virginity from Jc Caylenby wanderlustknj
This is a story where a girl loses her virginity to Jc Caylen. Be warned, DIRTY STUFF HAPPENS!!! Enjoy! 😉😂❤
Zachary Clayton My Best Friend❤ by unholyclayton
Zachary Clayton My Best Friend❤by unholyclayton
You and Zach have been best friends since the third grade. But what happens when you find out that you both really like each other and you start getting more than just c...