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Heartstrings ➳ z.m. by happiIy
Heartstrings ➳ jae
❝he's grey and skylar's color and they complement each other like hot rain on dry asphalt.❞ in which he has ptsd and doesn't do well with change. until her, that is. - I...
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  • fanfic
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For The Love Of A Daughter by GlimpseOfFaith
For The Love Of A Daughterby GlimpseOfFaith
Demi Lovato had just finished recording a song, when she was walking down the street she saw a little girl looking sad, lonely, and hungry. So she went to the little gir...
  • styles
  • daughter
  • harry
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Antidote ;Sequel to Kryptonite; by willingtofall
Antidote ;Sequel to Kryptonite;by Rachel
Christina Greenwell's entire world had turned upside down the day five certain boys walked into her life. Her life spun yet again the day they walked out. Months passed...
  • styles
  • directon
  • love
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Act My Age - One Direction Age Play by InTheEndItsAlright
Act My Age - One Direction Age Playby Harry Please.
One Direction age play story. Zayn and Louis were in love with each other. But they also had a lot of love to give. Liam was their oldest, he never really thought he'd n...
  • styles
  • niall
  • liam
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He Jumped Into My Balcony... Literally by XLazy_DelinquentX
He Jumped Into My Balcony... Anna
"You know how they say not to let strangers into the house? Well, I TOTALLY went against the norms and let a guy into my house after he JUMPED into my balcony. What...
  • love
  • widow
  • exams
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Imperfection~ A Liam Payne Love Story (Watty Awards 2013) by Dreamsofforever
Imperfection~ A Liam Payne Love ReBeL
**PART ONE**Alyson had a normal life of a normal teenager. Then, someone had burned her family's house down, killing her father. Her mother, having hated Alyson ever sin...
  • styles
  • family
  • directon
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The Piano Player by acting_is_mylife
The Piano Playerby Cassidy
Cynthia Johnston is obsessed with the piano - and One Direction. She imagines herself as the lead pianist for One Direction. One day she falls upon a website that sells...
  • upallnight
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  • instrument
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Stuck in a lift with one direction by CLQuinn
Stuck in a lift with one directionby CLQuinn
Brianna, Chloe, Alexa and Ashley are 4 best friends going to watch one direction on the XFactor tour but they get distracted by 5 boys they meet in the lift and end up s...
  • romance
  • doctors
  • simon
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Summer Love: London by kintamartin
Summer Love: Londonby kintamartin
Aku bukan pemeran utama. Perempuan itulah pemeran utamanya. Perempuan yang kucintai. Aku hanya sekedar menemaninya dalam musim panas kali ini. Suatu saat nanti, pacar su...
  • only
  • niall
  • london
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Bodyguarding One Direction by xNikkiGx
Bodyguarding One Directionby Nikki Garofalo
Mia has to go to court for something she was framed for. Her sentence is to be a body guard for One Direction. Will she like it? Will anyone get hurt? Paul has the abili...
  • tomlinson
  • bodyguard
  • fivesos
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This Thing We Call Love (Harry Styles Love Story) by LittleMissFanFic
This Thing We Call Love (Harry Hope
Juliet is just your normal teenage girl dealing with boys, school and drama plus the whole not being the most attractive girl. Then again Juliet isn't a normal teenager...
  • sad
  • dance
  • potter
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Narry Drabbles by ohcrapnarry
Narry Drabblesby ohcrapnarry
Who doesn't love drabbles? These are all Narry! xx. WARNING: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF
  • drabble
  • one
  • fluff
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Niall's Little Sister by FanGirl_Forever2003
Niall's Little Sisterby FanGirl_Forever2003
My name is Ellie, my family calls me El. My older brother Niall went to the X Factor when I was at least one. I have seen him on tv and in mommy's magazines. I love...
  • horan
  • ellie
  • directon
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The Monster (Harry Styles) by -Philophobia_
The Monster (Harry Styles)by Jade
When I was little I didn't fear monsters under my bed or in my closet, those kind of things didn't scare me. It does now though.
  • louis
  • liam
  • harrystyles
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Boxing Glory by o01Direction0o
Boxing Gloryby o01Direction0o
Sierra is a hardcore boxer who lives with her 4 year old brother and her best friend. she suddenly gets news that she gets to train ONE DIRECTION!!!! the only problem is...
  • harrystyles
  • direction
  • niallhoran
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I'm A Mermaid - Niall horan fanfiction by Itsmylifex
I'm A Mermaid - Niall horan JENNIFERR 'X
One direction FINALLY has some -Well deserved- time off. They decided to go on a little vacation with each other.Niall and Harry went jet-skiing and they get themselfs i...
  • mermaid
  • one
  • niallhoran
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Publicity Stunt by narrys_pineapple
Publicity Stuntby narrys_pineapple
Emerson is 13 and has no parents. Through out her life she's come to the conclusion nobody loves her. Will that change when one direction adopts her? Or will they leave...
  • adoption
  • directon
  • one
Nanny Niall by niallslittlesub
Nanny Niallby annie
  • nialler
  • directon
  • horan
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Broken Pieces (Interracial) by tomliloson
Broken Pieces (Interracial)by Amma
Liam wants to help Alia in every way he can, but what happens when Liam makes a mistake? What happens when there's a big accident? Can Alia and Liam survive all this cha...
  • liam
  • horan
  • fanfic
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Crystal Clear (Ziam Fanfic AU) Book Two by thewildespirits
Crystal Clear (Ziam Fanfic AU) Sam Khan
Zayn and Liam are doing great, so is Harry and Louis, things are going to change though, when someone new moves it to shake the waters in the neighborhood, will the be a...
  • jiam
  • ziall
  • love
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