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A Dare To Love by ParisKissXx
A Dare To Loveby A.
It started as a dare. Now intention to hurt. No body was suposed to feel this way. It wasnt suposed to end like this, it just cant......... Scarlett is a 16 year old gi...
One Direction Preferences and Imagines by ashton-smashton
One Direction Preferences and Hannah Edwards
Hi! I write preferences and imagines! They are all mine and only mine. Taking requests in my inbox!
Broken [Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic] *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by R_Irena
Broken [Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic] * Irena
Have you ever been a part of something that you thought would never end? and then of course it did. Zayn thought that Perrie was 'the one' for him. That 'Zerrie' would...
One Direction Imagines♥ by aspiringwriting
One Direction Imagines♥by bri-anne-uh
These are One Direction imagines I have posted MYSELF. I wrote these ALL BY MYSELF! They can be boyxboy, dirty, requested, nonpersonal. Anything you may desire! If I do...
A New Start (Harry Styles Fanfic) by 1Dsgirl
A New Start (Harry Styles Fanfic)by 1Dsgirl
A new start was all Emily wanted. To turn a new leaf. But when she meets Harry Styles, she is brought into the limelight, and will the past catch back up with her?
Into the Waves by Toosaucy
Into the Wavesby Toosaucy
4 girls 5 guys what could go wrong. But when the toughest waves crash at the best times in their lives see what happen as they go deeper into the waves.
Bekka's workshop [Closed] by BekkaRush
Bekka's workshop [Closed]by Rebekka
Order a book trailer or a book cover here.
Marcel. by weirddirectioner_1D
#10 weirddirectioner_1D
Marcel is nerd; he is the dorkiest, weirdest and nerdiest nerd in school. He was bullied by the jocks and popular guys in school until he met Katie. Katie is one of the...
Beautiful on the inside by SamanthaTowell
Beautiful on the insideby SamanthaTowell
PARIS WAS WORKING HER SHIFT AT STARBUCKS IT WAS REALLY CROWDED BUT 2 ppl stood out the most a blond girl and the one and only NIALL JAMES FRICKKIN HORAN both at differe...
Screwed Up Mess by cyberwriter101
Screwed Up Messby cyberwriter101
Everything used to be normal. My boyfriend, Josh, and I used to be in love. Niall and I used to be really close friends. Niall knew everything. I would hang out with my...
A Thousand Miles by MoonManiac
A Thousand Milesby Jane Doe
{{A ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION}} "Ever has it been that love knows not of it's own depth until the hour of separation." A surprisingly accurate quote from Kahlil...