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One Direction Preferences by Girlnotonfire
One Direction Preferencesby Naqi.
So I decided to write some one direction preferences! Some will be from wonderful Tumblr and some I'll be writing myself. So hope you all will enjoy these lovely prefer...
You're Still Loved, I Swear *One Direction* by HopefullyMsDeppSoon
You're Still Loved, I Swear *One D...by HopefullyMsDeppSoon
Read as the famous international boy band, One Direction, desperately turns to spanking to keep each other in line. *WARNING: spanking, self harm, cursing*
Lying with you (a larry stylinson boyxboy fanfic)  :D by namaste_hes
Lying with you (a larry stylinson...by namaste_hes
Larry Stylinson (boyxboy) fanfic, this is all fiction but oh my god, I ship them so much :) Your have to read to find out what it's about ;)
One Direction Preferences by Emily_Hebb
One Direction Preferencesby Emily
These are preferences that I make for tumblr but ill add to watt pad too
All As It Changes (Larry Stylinson {Mpreg}) *Sequel Included by allymets5
All As It Changes (Larry Stylinson...by Ally
"Normal" isn't real. "Normal" is boring. "Normal" is not what Louis Tomlinson is. He is different. Very different. After a party which left...
The House Next Door (One Direction/Harry Styles) by FlutePlayer56
The House Next Door (One Direction...by FlutePlayer56
Victoria lives next door to her best friend Jeremy. Jeremy lives with their friends Dan and Gemma. Gemma's brother is coming for a visit with his friends. Nine people un...
How I Married Harry Styles (l.p. + h.s.) by ConWeCallLove
How I Married Harry Styles (l.p. +...by Queen Connie
It started with an obsession... An obsession with a boy... A boy with curly hair. Cover by: shipments
Cliches 》zm by -esthetics
Cliches 》zmby drey
the clichés everyone loves yet hate. book 3 suicide series ©-esthetics 2013
sweet sixteen by niallarry___
sweet sixteenby niallarry___
harry and louis have been best friends for what feels like forever. that is, until harry shares his sexuality. louis refuses to have anything to do with harry, in fear o...
You Found Me by ellieloveslouis
You Found Meby ellieloveslouis
Slowly I began to feel arms around me, and someone placing their hand over my mouth. I began screaming and kicking my legs! fighting against the strong body. "Shh...
Undecided (One Direction) by lost_desires
Undecided (One Direction)by Megan
Mia Brooks is your average 18 year old. Love parties, clubs, drinking and everything a normal 18 year old would like. Her best friend, Tasha Clark, is a massive Directio...
Last First Kiss (One Direction Fanfic) by XxlivinwithmusicxX
Last First Kiss (One Direction Fan...by Maddie
When Jessica(17) and her little brother Sam(9) get kicked out of the house by their not-so-caring mother, Jess makes a promise to Sam that she will keep him safe and mak...
The White Tiger (One Direction- Niall Horan) by hungoverhoran
The White Tiger (One Direction- Ni...by hungoverhoran
Young and nice girl Yvonne is just like an angel. She doesn't dislike anyone, and no one dislikes her. But there's a feeling not even Yvonne can describe, some kind of d...