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Enigma (Dipper x Reader) by fxller
Enigma (Dipper x Reader)by ▶ shmebulock ◀
Y/N L/N has lived in Gravity Falls her whole life. She thought she was the only one who knew about the strange things about this town but, that all changes one faithful...
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Not Needed Northwest.                        ( Dipper X Reader ) by Kittycat2150
Not Needed Northwest...by Katie ‘Cryptic’ Call
Everyone in town knows Pacifica Northwest, she is the most popular kid in Gravity Falls. But do people know (Y/n) Northwest? Of course not, you weren't perfect... Theref...
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One More Summer (Dipper X Reader) by RealityIsAnIllusion_
One More Summer (Dipper X Reader)by Little Weird Girl
(Y/n) is a 14 year old girl who will spend her summer with her aunt at...... Gravity Falls! The same time return all our beloved friends.What adventures will they experi...
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Supernatural (Dipper x Reader x Bill) by XxBlack_ThornxX
Supernatural (Dipper x Reader x Bi...by Literal Human Trash
When we were all yonger we had imaginary friends, a young girl named (y/n) had one, except, he was not so imaginary. He went by the name Bill. The two were inseparable...
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Fin - Dipper Pins by ashetxi
Fin - Dipper Pinsby • a • s • h •
Being new to a mysterious town isn't always easy, especially when little things make life start to change drastically. Secrets unfold and mystery's take form, and life w...
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A Change of Course ( Dipper x reader ) by reader100a
A Change of Course ( Dipper x read...by In love with words
My life has been a disaster since my father died. My mother decided to take me to a town in the middle of the woods where she says I can start all over. I am not sure to...
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Gravity Falls: Summer Will Never Be The Same Again (Dipper x Reader) by Slinky-Dogg
Gravity Falls: Summer Will Never B...by Shelby
Summer the day where you can just relax and not have to worry about anything till August. Unless your friends with the Pines. Dipper and Mabel are my best friend's and r...
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There is No Such Thing as Chance, Only Fate (Dipper X Reader) by IAmMadeOfLove2616
There is No Such Thing as Chance...by Garnet
(Y/N) (L/N) lives in the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon all her life, She is a depressed twelve year old with no friends, and the one who she trusted the most in this tow...
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Escape from Reality (Dipper X Reader) by abraxanluvr
Escape from Reality (Dipper X Read...by ~Luna~
"Looks like I've got a new puppet, Pine Tree. And you can't say no to this deal..." When (Y/N) moves to Gravity Falls all the way from Kentucky, she has no ide...
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She's Like a Mystery... | Dipper x Reader by ProxieGeno
She's Like a Mystery... | Dipper x...by L S
(Y/N) Cipher is the daughter of the one and only Bill Cipher the Dream Demon. She had worked so hard, but she managed to keep her father from fulfilling his plan of the...
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Double Date (Marco x Reader x Dipper) [ONESHOT]  by KimmiePines
Double Date (Marco x Reader x Dipp...by 𝕜𝕚𝕞
This is simply a spin-off from "Another Butterfly". What happens when instead of you not having a date and go with Janna and Star, actually have someone to go...
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Summer Crushes || Dipper X Reader by Crazy_For_Christmas
Summer Crushes || Dipper X Readerby Melody
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the episodes used within this wattpad book. Ah summer break, I was spending yet another summer at my favourite place gr...
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The New Girl (dipper x reader) by dxpper
The New Girl (dipper x reader)by c beth
[[ YN MEANS "YOUR NAME" ]] »The age of the characters depend on your age. »Some parts are a bit PG. Enjoy.~ -- After living in countless places, YN decided to...
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Fire and Ice (Gravity Falls Dipper x Reader)  by IvBeauty
Fire and Ice (Gravity Falls Dipper...by 🔮🎃👻Wicked👻🎃🔮
Your mother died when you were ten and your father abandoned you. Since then you and your twin brother have been alone. Finally old enough to be on your own, you both mo...
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Gravity Falls Scenarios by cult_ist
Gravity Falls Scenariosby ❀w o a h❀
Gravity falls boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios with: Dipper, Wendy, Mabel and Bill. Other characters and scenarios will be added if requested.
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Mystery Trio (Dipper x Reader) by _Fandom_Lover
Mystery Trio (Dipper x Reader)by _Fandom_Lover
You are twelve year girl and are forced to spend your summer in a mysterious town named Gravity Falls. You get to live Dipper, Mabel, and Stan Pines. Feelings between yo...
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Bill's Daughter (DipperxReader) {COMPLETED} by TaffyMochi
Bill's Daughter (DipperxReader) {C...by ShizZyDingDoNg
DISCLAIMER:I DO NOT OWN GRAVITY FALLS Y/N,daughter of Bill Cipher. She helps her father get revenge on the Pines twins. But what happens when she falls in love with some...
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Gravity Falls X Reader |Fluff and lemons| by Xx_Rey_xX
Gravity Falls X Reader |Fluff and...by Voodoo Queen
Smut and fluff what else do you need?
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She Came Through the Portal (Dipper Pines x Reader) by CALLOFTHEFANS
She Came Through the Portal (Dippe...by CALLOFTHEFANS
(Y/n), a normal name given to a not so normal girl. Without a last name, a constant eyepatch and bandaged hand, and a past clouded in the unknown, she can trust no one b...
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Monster Hunts and Dates (Dipper Pines X Reader) by TheFirewhisperer13
Monster Hunts and Dates (Dipper Pi...by Firewhisperer13
(CHAPTERS 1-13 WRITTEN BY A DIFFERENT AUTHOR) Y/n is a 17 year old who just moved to the strange and mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, pursuing a dream nobody be...
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