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Koltc Sleepover- Sokeefe Story by Xx_niftynaseeb_xX
Koltc Sleepover- Sokeefe Storyby Xx_niftynaseeb_xX
Basically all the adults are gone at a classified mission that requires MANY people. Sophie is left at home while Sandor is at his honeymoon. What better to do than thr...
  • keefoster
  • kophie
  • sokeefe
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Sophie's Desicion (Sequel to Keefe's Choice) by belowaveragebooks
Sophie's Desicion (Sequel to Keefe...by belowaveragebooks
Sophie's stumped when the love of her life is on the line. The only thing is...she doesn't know who he is. Will she choose The prince whom she just met or The guard who...
  • linh
  • kinh
  • tam
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Finally Free- EDITING- Sokeefe by it_hurtlikehell
Finally Free- EDITING- Sokeefeby b a b y
"This was the shell of a boy whose been beaten down one too many times. Just the ghost of a man who used to know how to smile, laugh, even dream of a future. Now hi...
  • fitz
  • fitzvacker
  • bianavacker
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Sophitz by KeeperBlackSwan
Sophitzby #writing
Though the Neverseen is defeated, there are still teenage challenges to face. Sophie's life becomes more dramatic with graduating, and .... Fitz. What will she do with F...
  • neverseen
  • keeper
  • fitz
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SOKEEFE high school by SpiritGold3761
SOKEEFE high schoolby Spirit
Sophie and all her friends are in high school. Keefe Sencen, a new student from LA and Sophie hit it off. Their friendship blossoms into love, but can it last? *Cover cr...
  • wattpride
  • dex
  • fitz
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Soulmates of the Lost Cities by Strikestar18
Soulmates of the Lost Citiesby Strikestar
Sophie and her friends have defeated Vespera and the Neverseen. The Lost Cities are now peaceful; Sophie has graduated from Level 8 and is now facing a turning point in...
  • edalineruewen
  • bianavacker
  • teamfosterkeefe
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Forever  Now -- a sophitz fanfic by Moonlark27
Forever Now -- a sophitz fanficby KAITLYN THOMPSON
Sophie and Fitz have just one secret left to share, but neither seems to want to say it. Jealousy and fights are bound to happen with some friends, but it will all turn...
  • dinh
  • tiana
  • keefe
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Sophitz sleepover KOTLC by SophitzShipperLegacy
Sophitz sleepover KOTLCby Aidan
Usually Keefe, Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Tam, Linh, Dex, and Marella sleepover at Everglen. Yet, the Reuwens just added a new house/mansion to their vast property and Sophie...
  • fanfiction
  • fitzphie
  • shannon
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Tâm Bất Dính Giữa Đời Vạn Thính by nguyetvan059
Tâm Bất Dính Giữa Đời Vạn Thínhby Nguyệt Vân
"Đời đảo điên như thế Em hãy sống phần mình Hồn nhiên và mạnh mẽ Có buồn cũng phải xinh" Cuốn sách gối đầu giường cho những người cô gái 25 luôn bị bủa vây bởi...
  • tam
  • thinh
  • bat
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Who will it be? by CoachAli7777
Who will it be?by Ali S. H.
Sophie can't wait to get her matchmaking scroll! But, she still has to wait a year. Sophie is impatient, she wants to choose a boy! With the NeverSeen defeated and the B...
  • dex
  • sophievaker
  • tamsong
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Forever Could Be Never ((ON HOLD until I publish Found)) by Moonlarque
Forever Could Be Never ((ON HOLD u...by Dee💙
This a short (not) story about, you guessed it, Keeper of the Lost Cities! In this story, Fitz is 21, Sophie 19, Keefe 20(ish), and Sophie and Fitz have one single exerc...
  • kelvie
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • tiana
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😍My Love Story😍 by jay3ponz
😍My Love Story😍by jay3ponz
This is a sokeefe human AU where they are all in seventh grade All characters belong to Shannon messenger. Nothing here is owned by me (including the cover)except the pl...
  • dinh
  • kotlc
  • sokeefe
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KOTLC rants by puppiesandpink
KOTLC rantsby Puppies and pink
This is just a book of my rants about kotlc and my ships and stuff. Also a few fanfics and oneshots about different ships.
  • dinh
  • sokeefe
  • darella
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Arthur comes to my world??-- Qishi Huanxing ye by VKDhillon
Arthur comes to my world??-- Qishi...by VKDhillon
Arthur comes to Lin Ling's world by some mistake in the game. He now has to stay there forever. Well, it is my first fanfic . So, please no rude comments. I update fast...
  • qishi
  • china
  • huanxingye
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Are We really?(KeefeXReader) ((ON HOLD)) by Moonlarque
Are We really?(KeefeXReader) ((ON...by Dee💙
A Moonlarque KeefeXReader fanfiction!
  • sleepover
  • sokeefe
  • friends
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Sokeefe: Unmatchable by Softball123465
Sokeefe: Unmatchableby Sokeefe4Ever
WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHBACK SPOILERS DO NOT READ IF HAVEN'T READ FLASHBACK This is a Sokeefe fanfic so please only read if you support that, please leave comments. This...
  • fitzvacker
  • tiana
  • dinh
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Sophitz  by Picklesnom
Sophitz by Picklesnom
Sophie just graduated and is going out in the open to find a job in the elven world. And make herself a life on her own. The beginning moves really fast and this pretty...
  • biana
  • sophie
  • dinh
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[Longfic] Phong hoa tuyết nguyệt | Teddy_W by Leevantinh
[Longfic] Phong hoa tuyết nguyệt |...by Đông Anh Trần
Tình yêu là giấc mộng tựa như tháng năm cùng phong hoa tuyết nguyệt lưu lại bên người...
  • phong
  • lam
  • lẻ
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Perfect Match by BookDragonKOTLC
Perfect Matchby Bear.Marie
Sophie,Biana, Dex, Fitz, Keefe,Linh, Tam, and Marella are finally able to to get their Match-Making scrolls and deep down everyone knows who they want ,but will they be...
  • sophitz
  • kianna
  • marella
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