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Positive Cover Shop [OPEN] by LadyPositivity
Positive Cover Shop [OPEN]by Once Upon A Direction
My cover shop where I make free book covers!
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  • open
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Book O' Naruto Oneshots! by imnotrotten
Book O' Naruto Oneshots!by imnotrotten
Just a book of Naruto Oneshots ...
  • fluff
  • shino
  • differentgenres
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Song lyrics by MyDrugIsMcHanzo
Song lyricsby McREKT
Lyrics I know right off the bat!
  • rated
  • awesome
  • differentgenres
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2017 Song Lyrics by t-lau23
2017 Song Lyricsby Tia Lau
  • differentgenres
  • songlyrics
The Future Of Another Timeline (Short stories/Contest Entries) by moonshinechill
The Future Of Another Timeline (Sh...by Adna Moon
A collection of Short stories and contest entries of different genres. Give them a read, and if you like vote and comment, if not--send to your enemy. :)
  • adventure
  • philosophy
  • differentgenres
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Random Short Stories by P_Readgal
Random Short Storiesby JustPrinzy
It's basically the title. Random Short Stories. Horror, romance, fiction, etc. Really fun and pleasurable for quick, short reads. Vote and comment! I take requests in th...
  • random
  • romance
  • teens
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⇨ Short Stories ⇦ by BroomGroom
⇨ Short Stories ⇦by Celestial Bloom
This is a book filled with short stories that I made. It could be in any genres; Romance, Horror, Tragedy, etc. The story could be inspired by a song, song mashup, quot...
  • boyxgirl
  • suspense
  • depression
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Short Stories Collection by ShadyG29
Short Stories Collectionby Carina F.
This will be like a collection of short stories I randomly write. Some short stories might have more chapters others may be one chapter stories. There might be even some...
  • randomstories
  • collectionofshortstories
  • differentgenres
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My Playlists by NeverFarApart
My Playlistsby Jessa Lumogdang
This is the Playlists of the song that I love and enjoyed listening to over and over again. I'm Gonna Share it to you.. So Hope you would enjoy it. Welcome to MY PLAYLIS...
  • frommusicals
  • differentgenres
  • songlyrics
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Yaoi Manga~ by Ashwood199
Yaoi Manga~by Ash
This is just me telling you about different Yaoi/BL manga, what they are about, and where you can find them. Enjoy my Fujoshi sisters!! (or brothers ;)
  • bl
  • yaoi
  • differentgenres
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lαrrч ѕtчlínѕσn ímαgínєѕ. by The_Boitu
lαrrч ѕtчlínѕσn ímαgínєѕ.by вσιтυмєℓσω !!
nσt gσíng tσ вє full σn dєdícαtєd tσ thíѕ вut ím mσѕt dєfínítєlч gσíng tσ trч mч вєѕt tσ dσ ѕσ. αctuαl dєѕcríptíσn : lσuíѕ tσmlínѕσn αnd hαrrч ѕtчlєѕ fíctítíσuѕ ѕcєnαrí...
  • larry
  • imagines
  • summariesfirst
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A Twist In The Tale by MysteryMind7
A Twist In The Taleby Paradox
Hey! So this will be a compilation of really really short stories of all genres. From horror to romance, from funny to psychotic . Most of them will be written by me and...
  • differentgenres
  • romance
  • funny
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Private Roleplays by TheCrazyRavenclaw
Private Roleplaysby Almost Certainly Not a Dragon
Kind of like the individual ones; but it isn't just one! I'll explain inside!
  • differentgenres
  • enjoy
  • privateroleplay
A Collection of Short Stories by Aille_Quartz
A Collection of Short Storiesby +
A collection of short stories belonging to different genres, prompted by my own imagination or external images. ********************* Shout out to the amazing @Gunthe...
  • story
  • mightbemorbid
  • shawty
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A Storybook Realm-#thegreatwattpadwriteoff by CatW2477
A Storybook Realm-#thegreatwattpad...by Catherine W.
Hey... thanks for giving this collection of short stories a chance. I'm writing this for a contest called "The Great Wattpad Write-off", where the host gives u...
  • firstshortstory
  • collection
  • prompt
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Tales by RishavB
Talesby Schizoid
Weekly two or three short stories with an eerie supernatural setting and difference from other short stories
  • supernatural
  • mysterious
  • paranormal
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~Random Oneshot and Story Ideas~ by KotaLeArtist
~Random Oneshot and Story Ideas~by Kota
legit just some one shot of characters that appears in my head. i take requests. hope you enjoy. *Not normally updated. Random*
  • differentgenres
  • imagine
  • krystheartist
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Harlequin? by vaasi369
Harlequin?by Vaanya
It's a collection of thoughts and a sky full of stars, where every star is unique. They are short tales and each one differs from one another . I don't know what these...
  • differentgenres
  • scribblestory
  • short
Short stories of all kinds by Numnumwaffles
Short stories of all kindsby Numnumwaffles
A book which has lots of different stories from different genres.
  • stories
  • differentgenres
  • horror
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Shorts by caoimhe-171
Shortsby caoimhe
Short storys
  • shortcompetition
  • short
  • shortstory
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