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Unspoken by AnnaLovelee
Unspokenby Anna (:
When you've got one chance to tell your best friend, your first love, your only love; how much you loved her and will continue to love her even when she's long gone. Wha...
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Stripes  by _pwincess
Stripes by Tellx
You ever accidentally fell inlove on accident ? ❤
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The Final Child by i_heart_radio
The Final Childby £m¡l¥
Albus Potter has been married to Lilyana Smitherson for fifteen years now. They have had six children. Until they have another who will fulfill the final prophecy. But...
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Routines by Snakeskineyes
Routinesby @fatt_patt
in which a girl, named Jordan, mourns over the death of her brother without showing it. in which she meets a boy, named Harry, who allows her to come out.
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The one that got away @ # firsts by AllTheRest
The one that got away @ # firstsby WhateverYouChoose
All the dead go to one place. They all know they are dead, they are forced to remember. They cannot escape the grasp of the Kinraid the ghosts from the time when there...
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Dream State by Alex096621
Dream Stateby TwoRaysOfSunshine
In a world that is dying reality is somehow just not right. She's awake while everyone's asleep but will they ever be able to wake up? Why are children allowed to live w...
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If I Die Young by 1-800-SENPAI
If I Die Youngby SENPAI
If I die young... Inspired by the video in the media of the first chapter (which I do not own), a song called "If I Die Young" by "The Band Perry"
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We Talking Real shit by OpinionatedbutRight
We Talking Real shitby Sabrina Lady Thug Toscano
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Stars Of Glory by MysteriousIsMyStyle
Stars Of Gloryby MysteriousIsMyStyle
Four girls, of darkness and light. Four girls, all hiding something, whether they know it or not. Four girls, all alone, even if surrounded by friends. Four girls, bound...
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Gypsy Life by LinAuFu
Gypsy Lifeby LinAuFu
I met Jerome in summer and I didn't know our lives would be bond forever after that night. Sometimes people don't go away if they live in your memory.
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Greyson Chance FanFiction : If I Die Young by holyqueen123
Greyson Chance FanFiction : If I D...by holyqueen123
There's a girl who wants to survive. Her boyfriend is Grey. And Grey always support that girl to keep survive. How about her survival to keep her love with Grey?
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One Foot in the Grave by little-miss-writer
One Foot in the Graveby Emilie
Maci Hughes has been destined to die young. For two very long years, she's been on the run from a creature that only she can see. A curse that follows her mercilessly. T...
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Scallison ✔ by banditbrandis
Scallison ✔by 𝐒.
despite everything, they were the best OTP ever!! is is everything we love about them
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How I morphed  by alana_moody
How I morphed by Alana Moody
This is a short story about a girl and how she changes. It can be amazing or it can be horrible but she's only young and has a full life ahead of her.
like  carmen. by camswho
like carmen.by camswho
Carmen é Carmen. Uma garota qualquer, mas com tua essência. Uma adolescente qualquer, porém que as vezes parece ter 7, 21 ou até 50 anos. Boa, no entanto não inocente. ...
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Si muero Joven ,díganles. by YoungGirl_K
Si muero Joven ,díganles.by Kiary Neko
Considero que una adolescente se cree cool por hacer cosas nuevas ,ella no le tenía miedo a nada y descubriendo cosas nuevas, con un chico que fumaba , era distinto a el...
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McDeath's Eat Fast, Die Young Shirt by MBillah5
McDeath's Eat Fast, Die Young Shirtby M Billah
Fast food is killing people. This shirt will red-pill everybody around you into thinking about their health. This listing is only available for a limited time. Buy now...
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rutilus algae by venuseok
rutilus algaeby ⠀𝒓.⠀
❝m-aș obișnui să scriu dar pur și simplu îmi place doar să îți citesc poeziile.❞ @venustic original rights reserved
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The Art of Killing You by lordkai1234
The Art of Killing Youby Musa Twabi
Natasha is an African girl in love with Art. She can't take that she is in the last moments of her life because she has cancer. She travels to Paris to live out her drea...
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