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「Survery」 by CD-Stan
「Survery」by CD-Stan
ʕCarpeDiem Entertainment Anket Timeʔ
  • aerostat
  • minsu
  • carpe
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 「Netizen Reviews」 by CD-Stan
「Netizen Reviews」by CD-Stan
ʕCarpeDiem Entertainment için yapılan netizen yorumları ʔ 「www.wearecidi.com」 ↳Survery ↳News ﴾Secleted﴿ ↳...
  • carpediementertainment
  • cdent
  • netizen
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 「Rumors」 by CD-Stan
「Rumors」by CD-Stan
ʕCarpeDiem Entertainment 'da oluşan dedikodular , söylentilerʔ
  • diem
  • carpediement
  • dedikodu
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||Carpe Diem  : Poems|| by theinsanelysane-
||Carpe Diem : Poems||by in-sane
Cover by: vonsquishy❤❤ kissing the words is one of the best ways to express yourself and explore the unsaid emotions...
  • exams
  • mẹ
  • heartache
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[Dịch] [Đoản văn] Diêm Duyên - Tình Duyên Của Diêm Vương by Yenicy
[Dịch] [Đoản văn] Diêm Duyên - Tìn...by 사이
Diêm Duyên - Tình Duyên Của Diêm Vương tên truyện do updater đặt tác giả: 段爷阿 - lượm lặt trên weibo Bản dịch của Soái
  • đam
  • nguyet
  • diem
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Our Worlds by PalSzilvia
Our Worldsby Diraste
A short story about an unexpected meeting between Emily and a stranger on an ordinary Saturday in the city park. Emily must learn that life is not just a mixture of unpl...
  • story
  • short
  • carpe
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Train Train 🚂🚂 by AlexRewind0
Train Train 🚂🚂by Alex Rewind
  • carpe
  • squad
  • diem
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Carpe Diem by Kailaaa_ann
Carpe Diemby Kaila
Carpe Diem: kärpā ˈdēˌem/ exclamation 1. used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. Braelynn Evans was ready for an...
  • boyfriend
  • beach
  • friends
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Yêu em bằng cả con tim by user03024785
Yêu em bằng cả con timby Phong thần
Chuyện viết về một chàng trai yêu cô gái đến đâu lòng khi cô gái ấy ko yêu mình... chuyện sẽ như thế nào mời các bạn cùng đọc nhé^^
  • diem
  • trang
  • trinh
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Carpe Diem (Eng) by LylaRobin
Carpe Diem (Eng)by LylaRobin
Marc and Aï are like ying and yang: they are opposites, but they complete each other perfectly and they love each more than anything in the world. But it's hard for them...
  • random
  • carpe
  • carpediem
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carpe diem by taionia
carpe diemby kiana watkins
sweet simple poem, seize the day and live your life
  • winter
  • nature
  • peace
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max x nikki Pt 3 by Sanskrima
max x nikki Pt 3by Cross~sans~senpai
will max get married?
  • maxikki
  • campe
  • diem
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One Shots by Lollypop2034
One Shotsby Caitlan
This is a book for random one shots that I can't put in any specific book so they end up here
  • danvid
  • drarry
  • septiplier
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AI LÀ MẸ ANH(VKOOK VER) by manhmanh10102k2
AI LÀ MẸ ANH(VKOOK VER)by manhmanh10102k2
Sau khi viết 2 chap truyện trước thấy mk ko có năng khiếu nên quay sang chuyển ver vậy thui.
  • 442
  • diem
  • quynh
Not Exactly by SasukeDifenbakku
Not Exactlyby hijikata
[world trigger multiple oc-insert] one had a thing not of this world, one was a thing not of this world, both wanted a thing that was of this world.
  • jinyuuichi
  • diem
  • worldtrigger
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Projection of the Mind by danadiab_
Projection of the Mindby danadiab_
What is written here is what you are probably thinking of too.
  • diem
  • strong
  • carpe
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Carpe Librum by EllaPepper
Carpe Librumby Ella
Jane Librum had no interest in a real relationship. Why would she? When the only result would be disappointment and heart brake. That how it is in this world she is forc...
  • carpe
  • hate
  • book
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And Then She Left by MadameMadrigal
And Then She Leftby Julia L.
Every day. 10:00 AM on the dot. The unemotional young man would sit on the same park bench, on the same side, with the same cold expression as he edited his book that w...
  • diem
  • short
  • novella
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