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Cry For Help by RoseAnneMonroe
Cry For Helpby RoseAnneMonroe
How do you keep the God of Mischief.... out of mischief?! Loki was coming back to Earth at Thor's request. He thinks it'll do Loki some good. Loki gets paired with many...
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards...by Gigi
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
bts ff vampires by Ghiuffyui
bts ff vampiresby random friend from a good pla...
Who are you going to fall for? Y/N: "I love you ###" Read my story to find out what happens next on BTS FF vampires:) I don't revise that much so, I'm apologet...
Short Scary Stories by gingygirl99
Short Scary Storiesby Brynn
hi everyone! Highest Ranking ~ #1 in horror:) 12-7-16☆
Express before its too late...(OS)✔ by DishaSR
Express before its too late...(OS)✔by D. S. R.
Its a behir OS. ✿ Mahir and Bela never had good terms of relationship with each other. Especially Mahir because he was defeated by 'her'. Well, Bela is his wife now bec...
Loving the undead | Megastar  by Cyber_Creations
Loving the undead | Megastar by JUST a POPTAR
Starscream dies unfortunately and causes Megatron to go in some depression as he doesn't feel the same as he always did, without his punching bag around. Megatron is sho...
Glass Wall~{Clint Barton's Daughter & Steve Rogers' Son} by CrackheadMonkeyChild
Glass Wall~{Clint Barton's Daughte...by MadiJ Maximoff
"We're gonna die.. aren't we?.." Madi Barton and Caleb Rogers were abandoned at a Hydra base in really bad condition. Clint knows that his daughter is there f...
HIDE! RUN! by snowwycutie
HIDE! RUN!by 𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓽𝔂
Hating earth  by hollo_
Hating earth by hollo_anime!!☀️☀️
A alien named Glup'dar after landing on earth as he is there he sees how cruel and mean the humans r and destroys earth
DOLLS by AskingAlexandria8898
DOLLSby Rose
Five girls. That's all it took, the man was completley satisfied now. They are the perfect DOLLS. Or so he thinks. A young man who is completley insane, revolved his chi...
My Insane Yandere Boyfriend by Pinkpin25
My Insane Yandere Boyfriendby naruhina12
This story is about rina insane yandere boyfriend mori he is a boy who like changing his appearance for the fun of it. At school he's always dying his hair putting in e...
B666 BINGO! by markalantrimeloni
B666 BINGO!by Mark Alan Trimeloni
Where do you go when you kill someone? Jacob is a nine year old boy who looks like he's six. But age doesn't matter when you are in a game for your soul and the Devil...
🧸diary🧸 by korrsette
🧸diary🧸by ✨CURSED✨
This is my own diary,, please dont expect anything from this,, this contains my thoughts that randomly appear in my degenerated ✨cursed✨mind or id randomly talk to myse...
Kidnapped by xcrystalxxx
Kidnappedby xcrystalxxx
I know I should have pushed him off.... but it was the heat of the moment, I was angry and didn't know what I was thinking, but that kiss, as soon as our lips touched th...
Extraordinary Sixth Sense by creamii11
Extraordinary Sixth Senseby somwi
Peculiar Series #2 Book after TNIMTFBE. The experimentation continues. The saga didn't end yet not the tree but their fruits. How would they stop the goal? How would th...
Heaven's Letters by Mark777Brislin
Heaven's Lettersby Mark777Brislin
An extraordinary collection of letters written directly from inside the realms of Heaven itself!!! The end of this present Age is about to come; history, as we know it...
The forbidden unmute by Dadchi_And_Sugamama
The forbidden unmuteby Sean.Morgan✨
These online classes have been boring and nerve-racking for some people. Here's a funny online class story. ^^ enjoy!
Becoming the dead by call_me_bones_
Becoming the deadby call_me_bones_
Basically this is a bones fanfic and it's about our favourite forensic anthropologist gets shot again but she may not be so lucky this time
Arranged marriage (do not open before Christmas)  by iamsheema
Arranged marriage (do not open bef...by kim sheema
The ribbon on the box says "do not open before Christmas"
The Dark by brevonne
The Darkby bre' vonne
Gray is a girl who been thorough a lot of things in her life and she not even in her 30s yet,so what is she going to do when her dad dies ,an she uses her magical powers...