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FaceTime by itsamysterium
FaceTimeby BestFanEvr
Frank FaceTimes Diego and things get hot
The experience of Diegosaurs the sequel by Weirdonez
The experience of Diegosaurs the s...by Weirdonez
Note if you haven't read my first book please read it before this one, because nothing will make sense.
How We Met by Skyler_reads
How We Metby Skylerrrrr!!!!!!!!!
Hi my name is Skyler and I am a typical girl with long brownish blonde hair . I am 16 years old and my parents are moving to California, at first I didn't want to go but...
Unknown guardian by colorful_darkness
Unknown guardianby colorful_darkness
I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" H...
Fuck Me Up D/N by mikeyz_angelz
Fuck Me Up D/Nby Brooke
When your average teenage fangirl Aimee finds and falls in love with heartthrob Diego on YouNow, how does she react, what are the consequences? Read to find out.
book of rants by taxityler
book of rantsby luna🧸
this is the book of rants. just my depressing life all in one book ok hope you love it.
Different by spookycleo17
Differentby spookycleo17
Carter Mason is a very unusual girl. She's not like every other teenage girl. She's not into relationships and bands. She'd rather be working with her dad than out with...
Dannon as Old Folks Fic by squidleg
Dannon as Old Folks Ficby squidleg
The two Youtubers, Diegosaurs and Heythereimshannon spend their days at a retirement home now because they're old. Diego & Shannon relive great memories and strengthen t...
Rants by mahogany_x
Rantsby Happyfeelings
Me ranting about bullshit
Hair dye and beanies by harrys_banana17
Hair dye and beaniesby harrys_banana17
Angel is your average teenage girl with low self esteem. She thinks of ending her life until she mets a boy who turns her world around. Except she doesn't really met thi...
A Guy to Remember by wondersaurs
A Guy to Rememberby wondersaurs
This is a romance about Diego Navarrette (Diegosaurs). This is kinda based on why i like him as much as i do so... ENJOY!❤️ P.S- Diego if you ever read this I LUHV YEW
YouNower imagines by Beautiful5sosgirls
YouNower imaginesby Beautiful5sosgirls
You now and band imagines! Request open!.
Mom by emilyisdeadx
Momby emily
oh lord, this is gonna get weird.
You're My Angel *a Diegosaurs fanfic* by diego_dinos
You're My Angel *a Diegosaurs fanf...by diego_dinos
He's just a YouNower. She's just a high schooler. She goes to a meet & greet of Diego's. What happens when they finally meet?
*• YouNower Imagines •* by Shasha483
*• YouNower Imagines •*by Stilinski.Rowland
Hi. Just Me Here. Making YouNower Imagines. Hope You Like Them!❤️
Best Friends// Diego Fanfic by DiegosaursN
Best Friends// Diego Fanficby Xx.Queen.xX
Bee has to move because she gets bullied so she moves to a new state and a new school. She meets this boy named Diego and soon finds out that she has strong feelings for...