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Scars from my past by Poshdami
Scars from my pastby Melody
Cindy Tones is a transfer student from Success Academy. Her perfect life was shaken at a point in time. Henry King is a student of King and Queen's Academy. He's a geniu...
A collection of captivating fables, illuminating as they are amusing. It's totally worth reading.
De Facto: Liberators: Version I: Part I by TheAuthorTomas
De Facto: Liberators: Version I: P...by Tomas Teran
"She pictured herself in a better place than she was already experiencing, yet found herself back at home. 'Futile!', she cried. Then cried hysterically, uncontroll...
" The essence Of life " by somnathchowdhury4
" The essence Of life "by somnath chowdhury
[ Life is a queer blend of different spices ]
The Pathways That Freed by Bomahart1
The Pathways That Freedby Lauretta Hart
This is a story of a young-man whose tales surrounds around creation, purpose and great loss.
The Boy Who Plays With Doves by WinterlyHeights
The Boy Who Plays With Dovesby Wintərly Heīghts
"Hemlock, foxglove, nightshade three - / Shield me from catastrophe." Callum, the shy Seamstress's son, is an easy target for the village bullies. When Callum...
From War to a Walk Together by FlameKing4444
From War to a Walk Togetherby Arghya Bhattacharya
"Life" itself leads a very ironic life. In an era that promised to lead to the realization of higher-order of civilization, war has succeeded to the throne. No...
The Beggar's Coin by t-h-ballard
The Beggar's Coinby Theodore Ballard
"And so the Beggar born anew Shed himself of humanities' awful hue And ascended to the Heavens A Saint." *completed*
Freedom's Glee by FlameKing4444
Freedom's Gleeby Arghya Bhattacharya
"Are we really free ?" .... These are the words that continue to haunt the very existence of humankind. In this current era, someone is born into a world that...
A Reverie of a Free Mind by FlameKing4444
A Reverie of a Free Mindby Arghya Bhattacharya
Close your eyes. Imagine that you are in a serene forest , late at night. You reach a small pond somewhere in the forest and a mountain beside it. Imagine a drop of wate...
Italian School 🇮🇹 by SaraJonles
Italian School 🇮🇹by 🥀🌹
Do you want to learn Italian? Here you are in the right place. The door is always open, but please if you do not understand something, ask! What are you waiting for? Let...
Man in Mist by FlameKing4444
Man in Mistby Arghya Bhattacharya
Life often takes us through phases or "mists" of life which cause to go within ourselves , to seek answers to certain questions which can never be given form...
The Phoenix on the Roof by WinterlyHeights
The Phoenix on the Roofby Wintərly Heīghts
"Still the phoenix sits upon / The world in fearsome form, / With a crown upon her head / And the beauty of a storm." New England, 1699: A phoenix nests on th...
Mom's Blogg by Mystery_id2
Mom's Bloggby Ace_
Hi. This,Mother's blog contains mom related story and stuffs. It has been written while taking many pov. Do give it a read!