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My Anime Dictionary by Gambling_is_my_Forte
My Anime Dictionaryby The Tiniest Shrimp
Read the cover Fools
  • anime
  • dictionary
Queer up! (LGBT+) by pinkmurasaki
Queer up! (LGBT+)by ■ʇsɐʞɹɐS■
A tiny dictionary for the Pride Month.
  • pridemonth
  • knowledge
  • facts
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The Typical Weirdo's Dictionary and Thesaurus by Demonic_Dancer
The Typical Weirdo's Dictionary an...by ꙅɘᴎiꟼ ʏɘ|ᴎɒƚꙄ ᴎɒƚꙄ I
Weird words from weird people and close friends slapped into a book, just like a real dictionary.
  • dictionary
  • meaning
  • whatthehellamidoing
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Overused & Overrated by ethereal-ella
Overused & Overratedby ▹ ella ◃
A dictionary of fancy words and phrases to use for profiles, book titles, or chapter titles! NOTICE: words and phrases are NOT in alphabetical order. may include words a...
  • vocabulary
  • fancy
  • book
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My Definition by Demissvitsstory
My Definitionby Cacaajaa.
It's all about definition word,. Baca lahh buat nambah ilmu biar pinter @Demissvitsstory, 2019
  • handwrites
  • dictionary
  • talk
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Warrior Cats Guide by WaterstoneNeko
Warrior Cats Guideby WaterstoneNeko
Prefixes, suffixes, and more! Learn all the basics of Warrior Cats! Cannon and Non-cannon prefixes and suffixes!
  • suffixes
  • prefixes
  • guide
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¿Qué es? by kScream
¿Qué es?by kScream
sin argumentos, sin historias.
  • original
  • historiacorta
  • historia
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Talasalitaan Mula sa El Filibusterismo by NoBrainZomB
Talasalitaan Mula sa El Filibuster...by Danooooo
Narito makikita ang mga kahulugan ng malalalim na salita mula sa librong el filibusterismo
  • dictionary
STAR TRAVELER'S HANDBOOKby National Threat Raccoon
A data log of all the different things and places of the story Voyage of the Independence. Follow along and see the creativity of each piece that is released over the sp...
  • encyclopedia
  • scifi
  • sciencefiction
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The Mottian Dictionary (A Wattpadder's Dictionary) by RDQuitis
The Mottian Dictionary (A Wattpadd...by Robert Quitis
This is simply a dictionary full of decent words. It's similar to Urban Dictionary, but with the twist that crude, rude, or NSFW words will wind up in a trash bin somewh...
  • dictionary
Dictionary Drabbles by FlavioLee
Dictionary Drabblesby Flavio
"From limitations comes creativity" - Debbie Allen The game is simple. Take a word, write a story about what it means and it's connotations without using the w...
  • writingexercise
  • oneshot
  • unlimitedpride
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