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《 PRIMAL RAGE 》 ― Jurassic Park (✗) Elfen Lied by MaliceStryker
《 PRIMAL RAGE 》 ― Jurassic Park (✗...by MaliceStryker
19-year-old Eric Kirby finds himself once again at the heart of prehistoric chaos after a fateful encounter with InGen's latest genetically engineered horror. The human...
  • fanfic
  • graphic-violence
  • scifi
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Elfen Lied 2 (English version) by Jovenk95
Elfen Lied 2 (English version)by Gabriele Vecchiarelli
This is the English version of my story, whose original language is Italian. Dedicated to all those who wanted a second season, this story is the continuation of the Jap...
  • elfenlied
  • anime
  • diclonius
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The Diclonius Queen by SailorDarkness
The Diclonius Queenby Kay
Years later, Kage is deeply hidden in the dark shadows of Mustafufu, Japan. Mysterious villains appear and she learns not to be the last Diclonius, as she had thought. H...
  • myheroacademia
  • thedicloniusqueen
  • diclonius
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The Rewritten Elfen Lied Story  (Isaac Foster x Female Diclonius Naruto) by BernNarakuFrederica
The Rewritten Elfen Lied Story (I...by _BernNara_
Ray and Zack are escaping from the police that are searching them. The killer and the girl, during the escape, find a cave into the forest, in which they will stay for a...
  • femnaruto
  • elfenlied
  • mariko
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The Diclonius by SailorDarkness
The Dicloniusby Kay
Have you ever heard? Heard of the diclonius? She is said to have 22 vectors, now 21 because one was mysteriously cut off, that can reach to 36 meters. She is said to hav...
  • diclonius
The Long Lost Killer's Daughter  (My Killer Lover Sequel #2) by BernNarakuFrederica
The Long Lost Killer's Daughter (...by _BernNara_
After the separation of Isaac Foster and Naru Uzumaki, Boruko Foster Uzumaki, the daughter of Zack and Naru, was only a six year old girl who became an orphan not knowin...
  • romance
  • psycholove
  • lovestory
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Elfen Lied and Angels of Death: A Love Story  (Lucy x Zack) by BernNarakuFrederica
Elfen Lied and Angels of Death: A...by _BernNara_
Kaede is abandoned by her parents at an Orphanage where she first meet Zack to be known as Isaac Foster who she becomes best friend then after Zack kills the caretakers...
  • anime
  • elfenlied
  • nana
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Vectors by Venuslii
Vectorsby ❃.✮:▹ p00lq ◃:✮.❃
BNHA x Diclonius!Child!Reader Platonic ofc it's not romance
  • diclonius
  • xreader
  • bnhaxreader
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Lucy x Male! Reader: Just The Two of Us {A Elfen Lied Fanfic} by BernNarakuFrederica
Lucy x Male! Reader: Just The Two...by _BernNara_
You are the male diclonius. You met Lucy in the Orphanage and became best friends. Meanwhile, after you and Lucy are both separate from each other over eight years, you...
  • yandere
  • male
  • lucyxreader
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The Creation by Varian122894
The Creationby Varian122894
While Lucy is locked away her egg is taken along with Mariko's by Professor Kakuzwa whom uses their DNA to make a stronger diclonius years later Lucy makes an escape and...
  • diclonius
  • lucy
  • mariko
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The Killer and The Queen  by Varian122894
The Killer and The Queen by Varian122894
After Lucy/Nyu die they are reincarnated as Naru Uzumaki a young girl whom just like them has cat ear like horns and pink hair and vectors she is abandoned by her mother...
  • kushinabashing
  • issacfoster
  • crossover
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Higurashi and Elfen Lied: Yuki's Story (REWRITE) by XxHigurashiRikaxX
Higurashi and Elfen Lied: Yuki's S...by Tarynn Nicole Ball
Hanyuu Furude went to the forest and see the diclonius with her red hair and her red eyes name Yuki. Rika Furude and her friends wants to have fun with Yuki. She had so...
  • shion
  • keiichi
  • yuka
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The Two of Us Lucy X Fem!Diclonius!Reader(yuri) by Yandere_Survivor21
The Two of Us Lucy X Fem!Diclonius...by Kujou-chan
You are a diclonius in Kamakura and is looking for your childhood friend, Lucy. You two were really close. But what will happen when you two reunite? Will a new love blo...
  • kouta
  • fanfiction
  • lucy
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Elfen Lied : Bloody Moon by RayoRouMeru
Elfen Lied : Bloody Moonby Rayo Rou Meru
Für diejenigen die beide Vorgänger schon gelesen haben: Diese Story, spielt logischer Weise nach "Red Snow", es ist immer noch Winter, überall liegt noch Schne...
  • rayo
  • tomoe
  • kota
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FORCES (Elfen lied Lucy/Nyu X Tatsumi(male reader)) by imanihso
FORCES (Elfen lied Lucy/Nyu X Tats...by imanihso
You(Tatsume) are traveling to a new land to bring back money for your town( similar to the akame ga kill plot) and move to japan with your friend hoping to possibly brin...
  • diclonius
  • crossover
  • reader
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Stardom: A Diclonii Story by Karmagisariko
Stardom: A Diclonii Storyby ʟᴜᴄʏ
Lily was born into captivity, being in containment Chamber Number 14. She eventually learns how to do a very special thing, which they release her to go live her dream...
  • diclonius
  • dreamscometrue
  • elfenlied
Cuphead x Diclonius!Reader by Annie_Purple_And_Red
Cuphead x Diclonius!Readerby ~*Bendy*~
Lol Idgas=I don't give a shit
  • reader
  • lemon
  • cuphead
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Elfen Lied - A New Time by RayoRouMeru
Elfen Lied - A New Timeby Rayo Rou Meru
Diese Story, setzt kurz am Ende von Staffel 1 an und dann viele Wochen später. es wird aus der Sicht von dem Diclonius Rayo, im Labor auch bekannt als Nummer 10. Getrieb...
  • elfenlied
  • kurama
  • nana
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Silpelit 105: Megumi Yuzuki by TsubakiKuro666
Silpelit 105: Megumi Yuzukiby Tsubaki Kuro
The last known Diclonius is trying to survive extinction from the government. With the help of Ayumu Tomomi, Megumi tries to find out what she is and why the government...
  • diclonius
  • silpelit
  • anime
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Impossible: An L Lawliet Love Story by Tukikochan
Impossible: An L Lawliet Love Storyby Tukikochan
When Aurora Hakatashi escapes from her cell in the Diclonius Research Institute, she meets an unlikely group: the Task Force. After moving in with them, L starts to susp...
  • deathnote
  • kira
  • light
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