Diaspora Stories

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Unbound by tochibiko
Unboundby Tochi Biko
The slow unwinding of a woman. ** None of the images used in this content or the cover are mine. The pictures are simply sourced to use in what I create. I do not take...
Une vie by Yorodiaw221
Une vieby Yorodiaw221
C'est l'histoire de Mariama, une jeune fille de 18 ans qui a grandi en France et qui décide s'installer au Sénégal après son Bac. Elle découvre peu à peu de nouvelles fa...
THE MAN IN THE PICTURE by sunsetbeauty012
THE MAN IN THE PICTUREby sunsetbeauty012
Angelika had heard stories of people suffering in diaspora. She had it all. A quality education, better than she would have hoped for back at home. Steady income. Everyt...
My father the fanatic by AgusBail
My father the fanaticby Agustina Bailleres
This is an alternative ending with a different focalisation of the original short-story "My son the fanatic".
Call To Order by PoetryByDesign
Call To Orderby PoetryByDesign
This is a book dedicated to my people and to all of the struggles that we have had to endure. The unfair, the unjust, the hatred, the racial divides, among many other fa...
mixed feelings by fromajay
mixed feelingsby Ajay Sawant
A collection of poetry, stories, and art about living as a mixed-race person in a world increasingly fixated on racial identity. In mixed feelings, ajay explores his com...
A Girl Called Black by sheabuddha
A Girl Called Blackby sheabuddha
An essay in which an African-American woman searches for words to describe her identity that validate her in a world that seems to have already decided who or what she i...
Black Girl Poetry by pandababies60208
Black Girl Poetryby pandababies60208
I write poetry and I'm black. Not all the poetry is about being black, but every experience I've ever had has been influenced by the color of my skin.
Notionality by anon33312
Notionalityby anon
Short poem, I'd love some honest opinions. If it sucks just let me know. I wrote it a while ago and read it again tonight. I still believe in it
Daily Self Growth Journal Pt. III by JacobSummers
Daily Self Growth Journal Pt. IIIby Jacob Summers
This is the third in a series of interactive journals designed to help people grow personally, spiritually, and possibly even professionally. There is a daily message t...
Lucky With My Dreams by JessicaTendayi
Lucky With My Dreamsby Jessica Tendayi
Sometimes life serves us lemons. Its easier to get bitter and resentful when things do not go our way. But sometimes life takes us the long way round before we come fu...
Matiyahu's miracle by AnthSocioDossett
Matiyahu's miracleby Anth-Socio Dossett
Matiyahu is a young sailor who often travels between Gaul (Roman France) and Hibernia (Ireland). One day he travels towards the Niger delta in Western Africa to meet his...
Not Just To Ask by barbarahunt963
Not Just To Askby Barbara E. Hunt
Epitaphs: 'just not to ask myself: who am I now' Goran Simic's Immigrant Blues 'speak your secret in secret; and to truth: never withhold what you know lest you Harden...
Chantez-nous un Requiem by ParaLazarii
Chantez-nous un Requiemby Lazarii Paradogme
Une énième guerre provoqua la destruction des océans et des continents. Pour éviter l'extinction, les Hommes durent créer des cités célestes et interdire toute invention...
I Love My Family, We May Have Not It All Together But Together We Have It All by PaulPruel
I Love My Family, We May Have Not...by Paul Pruel
For Paul dreams are about the expression and visualization of solid thoughts, emotions, and ideas that signal about what he wants and what he needs for his physical life...
Black Ink Community by theblackinkcommunity
Black Ink Communityby TBIC
◄ೋღ❤️OPEN❤️ღೋ► ●═══════◄ೋღ♥ღೋ►═══════● A community for undiscovered and talented writers and designers who want to grow within a supportive environment. ●═══════◄ೋღ♥ღೋ...