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☄?Fallen Stars?☄ by Clever_Diamond
☄?Fallen Stars?☄by Clever_Diamond
This is a story told from White Diamond, head leader of the gempire, and how she meet Black Diamond, the birth mother of her 3 daughters Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Her life...
Obsession|| Spinel x reader. by amrxh_xh4
Obsession|| Spinel x reader.by 𝒮𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑔𝘩𝑡~?
"Spinel..y-you..shattered me." Y/N stuttered out as she moved back holding a cautious stance, analysing the gems every move. "I had to, pumpkin. I had to...
Delusional || Steven Universe - Red Diamond by dragonscales1
Delusional || Steven Universe - Re...by mon chéri
Red Diamond. She was made a few millennia after the creation of Pink Diamond, the one who was originally supposed to be Red, to fill her role. Red was perfect, Pink was...
The Lion Diamond Authority by Lcat100
The Lion Diamond Authorityby Perri
A Steven universe fanfiction of the Diamonds, but as lions! Pink was a cub who was abandoned in the wild. Blue took her into their pride as one of her own. White was nev...
🖤Black Diamond🖤 by SpaceD0rito
🖤Black Diamond🖤by Dottie
This is a White x Black fanfiction. (a little Yellow x Blue too) Also book 2 of this book exists on my second account called @SpaceD0rito2. This is a story about the mi...
Pink Diamond's Daughter (Slow Updates) by VenusBoi
Pink Diamond's Daughter (Slow Upda...by Venus
Okay, Okay. so we all understand that the whole rose is actually pink diamond think. so, this is an alternate universe! I kinda was inspired by someone who discontinu...
White Diamond x Child Reader by dhlightningbolt3
White Diamond x Child Readerby D.H. Lightning Bolt
White Diamond has been in her head for a really long time and has been lonely for a while, so she goes to the zoo and meets someone that will help her. Takes place after...
🖤Black Diamond, Part 2🖤 by SpaceD0rito2
🖤Black Diamond, Part 2🖤by Dottie
This is the second book of 🖤Black Diamond🖤 by my other account "@SpaceD0rito" . So if you haven't read that one yet, do so. 😊✨
The Big-Ass Book of Diamonds by yiffcakes
The Big-Ass Book of Diamondsby Ms. Yiffcakes
aka the Shitpost Authority 🔷🔶 HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Diamonds!
To Fix A Diamond (Steven x White Diamond) by DiamondAuthority43
To Fix A Diamond (Steven x White D...by PinkDiamond4
Steven x White Diamond romance story. White never forgave herself for what she did to Steven. She ripped his gem out and nearly killed him all to try to get someone that...
Broken 💔 by GravityUniverse115
Broken 💔by GravityUniverse115
An alternate version of the episode Change your Mind. What would happen if Steven didn't make it back to his gem on time? Experience his journey with being separated fro...
Black Trinity by LordRedsontlborn
Black Trinityby Monarch
Long ago, there were two Diamonds. One of DARKNESS, the other of LIGHT. Both were equals in strength and power yet their heart, their morals and their love for Gems as a...
The Tale Of Red Diamond by Potatolover129
The Tale Of Red Diamondby Reina
White, Blue, and Yellow have decided they wanted another member of the diamond authority. Now of course they aren't trying to replace Pink but they just got lonely and w...
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister's Noise AU Part 1 by kaito_the_moron
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister's...by dead account
What if Rose gave birth to twins? What if Nora and Steven were siblings. Let's follow the adventures of these two children along with the crystal gems in their hometown...
White Diamonds Human Girlfriend (white diamond X human! Female! Reader)  by pawsthec1
White Diamonds Human Girlfriend (w...by Caz
You're a quiet kid in a private secondary school in England. In this universe everyone knows who the diamonds and crystal gems are as they are seen as celebrities. The D...
The Stars Between Us(Steven Universe  Au) by Ast0ne
The Stars Between Us(Steven Univer...by Ast0ne
Steven was completely and utterly fed up with the crystal gems. They lied to him again and again, all in the name of 'protecting him'. Finding out he was actually pink d...
Lapidot one-shots by Catsinsideofbananas
Lapidot one-shotsby Kitten toes
IMPORTANT NOTE: none of these are related! They are all different scenarios and aren't linked to each other at all unless hinted otherwise!! I've had these locked up for...
Steven Universe Pictures by SardsSU
Steven Universe Picturesby SardsSU
I have a lot of Steven Universe pictures in my camera roll that I never shared or it's just been in there.