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Amnesia characters!! by Neko_safypai33
Amnesia characters!!by kiara
you looking for some cute anime boys well here they are >///<
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Big Time Rush- Worldwide Imagine (Kendall) {based on the TV show) by Driving_Rush
Big Time Rush- Worldwide Imagine (...by Aleks
The story about the relationship between Jo Taylor and her boyband-member boyfriend Kendall Knight.
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Jatie  One Shots/Drabble by TobieNicoles
Jatie One Shots/Drabbleby Lorraine Reed
James Diamond and katie Knight one shots and drabble.
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Broken [A Big Time Rush Fanfiction] by brii_henderswag
Broken [A Big Time Rush Fanfiction]by brii_henderswag
A simple quiz tears apart the friendship of Logan and Carlos, creating tension throughout the whole band. Soon everyone begins to fall apart; not just from each other, b...
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Catch her Heart ( Miyuki Kazuya One Shot ) by ThatOneOtakuRPer
Catch her Heart ( Miyuki Kazuya On...by ThatOneOtakuRPer
Miyuki Kazuya x OC ( made for my friend on Quotev @Allergictopeoplesbullshit) Theme: Agnsty and Fluff OC: http://www.quotev.com/Allergictopeoplesbullshit/journal/2209...
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Short stories and things by NalaSonya
Short stories and thingsby Kala
A collection of short stories, poems and other things.
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Dare Or Ask Pearl - Steven Universe by Sphinx_Ross
Dare Or Ask Pearl - Steven Universeby Sphinx_Ross
Ask Pearl how she doing or how was her day but don't forget to dare her to do the extreme
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Diamond Lock And Sapphire Key- A Kakashi Love story - Naruto (Dis-continued) by FunKit
Diamond Lock And Sapphire Key- A K...by Jen, the Immortal Witch
Daiyamondo, also known as Dai (sounds like Day) or Daiya (sounds like Day-a) is the daughter of Minato and Kushina. She's a very skilled ninja, but her future has troubl...
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Shh.. Secret Princess ;) (Under Major Heavy Re-Construction) by redpeace9
Shh.. Secret Princess ;) (Under Ma...by redpeace
Annalisa has a great life. She has a family that loves her, --actually, two families-- she's the heiress to her family's company, she has everything she needs, she's int...
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Endless Retweets by KaelaBieber01
Endless Retweetsby KaelaBieber01
When a perfectly normal, if not bland, 16 year old girl happens to meet a certain Janoskian on their #gotcaketour her heart pounds in a way she never imagined. What sta...
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Dear Seungcheol by SabawSeungcheol
Dear Seungcheolby 바보
Sometimes I can't contain my feelings for him. Probably a book that you can relate with.
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The Magical Cards by CrystalGirl17
The Magical Cardsby Crystina
Heart, Clover, Spade, Diamond Ace, Jack, Queen, King The quest to find each other and bring peace and harmony Can the group accomplish their mission? or just keep commi...
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The Only Game In Town by Detective9
The Only Game In Townby Detective9
There was a man... a lonely man. [ONE-SHOT]
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The Taste Of The Blue Blood by Nat_Fletcher001
The Taste Of The Blue Bloodby Ashwin
People love gems a great deal. Who doesn't? They are good to look at and possesing them gives people a feeling of richness. But it comes with a dangerous liability. Who...
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Spotlight - A Big Time Rush Fanfic by OhSoPerfectlyBroken
Spotlight - A Big Time Rush Fanficby Paige :)
Addyson has always settled for second best while her sister Cassie always got one step up. She was the new singer at Rocque records and Addy was the new Intern. But that...
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The Honorary Crusader by PerkyGoth14
The Honorary Crusaderby PerkyGoth14
Silver Spoon one day tires of her best friend Diamond Tiara's teasing of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and decides to not be friends with her anymore, but then finds herself...
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The Great Journey (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon) by CoolUsername21
The Great Journey (Pokémon Mystery...by Kenzie and Charlotte
Kenzie and Charlotte have been friends for as long as they could remember. When Kenzie comes up with the great idea of forming a rescue and exploration team, the two beg...
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Diamond Girl by Underworld_Phantom98
Diamond Girlby Phantom_Alice98
A baby girl is find on the door steps of a English orphanage with a heart shaped diamond necklace around her neck. When she was 13 the orphange bruned down, so her and t...
Diamond by AngelOfTheMoon
Diamondby Julie
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