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EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1  | ✓ by RaghaddMurad
EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1 | ✓by رغد
"Don't tell me it's you again." "It is." "Oh my God." "Babe--" "No, stop." "I want to give you olive my love."...
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Talk Juicy To Me √ by hothatsweethis
Talk Juicy To Me √by Skye
When Oliver Thomas calls his best friend to tell him about the best lay of his life, he doesn't expect a girl to answer it. Much less the girl who was the best lay of hi...
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1 AM Therapy | ✔ by sierrathescribe
1 AM Therapy | ✔by Sierra Soriano
❝Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.❞ ❝That would be you.❞ ❝You're a smooth motherfucker, aren't you?❞ In which Nico desperately needs advice and finds a payphone...
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I Dialed The Last Digit Wrong | ✔ by NewWriterBug
I Dialed The Last Digit Wrong | ✔by NewWriterBug
Highest rank - #1 In humor I which a guy dials the last digit wrong and that leads to endless conversations, nonsense bickering and pranks! An honest mistake which find...
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Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte | ✓ by feelthenirvana
Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte | ✓by ;o
[First Book in the Snacks Trilogy] Prank: [noun] a practical joke or mischievous act. -- ❝Hey, can I orde...
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Talk Music To Me √ by hothatsweethis
Talk Music To Me √by Skye
When Judaline gets a call from her college's latest soccer star, she doesn't expect him to be a goof. But self-proclaimed goofball, Caleb White makes it his mission to i...
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Save Me, Stranger | A Dialogue Story by II_BLACKOUT_II
Save Me, Stranger | A Dialogue Sto...by II_BLACKOUT_II
[A Spin off of Audrey's Secret] [Stand Alone] [Trigger Warning] When a suicidal girl decides to make one last call in hopes of finding something to fight for, or someone...
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Insomniac | ✓ by ceraunophic
Insomniac | ✓by ℓєιℓαиι
In which two insomniacs find connection through their unslept nights. All rights reserved © 2016 LeiLani Lopez [Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns ] {Highest ranking: #18...
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Subway Cars & Lonely Hearts by jayne-dough
Subway Cars & Lonely Heartsby j a y n e
in which a college student accidentally leaves her journal on the subway and a hollywood star contacts the number inside.
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Gods: Chapter 1 by _justharold
Gods: Chapter 1by justharold
what would you do, if youve been given eternity?
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Cotton Candy  by brendasime
Cotton Candy by bren 🔮
In which Aura James receives an unknown call on the day of her birthday.
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Wrong Line by ceraunophic
Wrong Lineby ℓєιℓαиι
❝Finally, someone answered.❞ "Uhm, you've been calling for the past three minutes. What the heck do you want?" ❝Isn't this the famous 'Love Line'─wait, who is...
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Coffee Break | ✓ by oopsidaisy
Coffee Break | ✓by oopsidaisy
❝I'm starting think it's more than a coincidence that we keep going the same seat at the same time...❞ ❝It's better than being a loner, right?❞ ∘ ∘ ∘ The lives of two...
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The Stage Manager by tangles-
The Stage Managerby Emma
Beatrice "Bea" Masters has been her theater department's wonderkid ever since she became the stage manager when she was just a freshman. But after the fiasco t...
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EXTRA SWEET | ✓ by RaghaddMurad
EXTRA SWEET | ✓by رغد
"Aloo--" "I'm hungry." "Problem solved! We deliver donuts, where do you want that?" "I don't. I'm craving McNuggets."...
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Fine Apple | ✓ by rosecoloredsoul
Fine Apple | ✓by tina
❝HELP HELP HELLLP!❞ ❝Hello, this is the Fine Apple market, and no, we are not an Apple knockoff store; how may I help you?❞ ❝Well, someone just stole my phone.❞ ❝Sorry...
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Rooftop Talks by _thriving
Rooftop Talksby Kyra
"I'm ruining your wedding. It's final" "Why are you always after my wedding in some way or another? I'm just nineteen for goodness sake" "Becaus...
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bike boy by townlighter
bike boyby alyssa :)
"hey! why are you following me?" "my house is that way, you moron." "stay away! you're such a stalker." "it isn't really stalking if y...
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FLOWER by alwaysrenesmee
in which a guy falls in love with a girl named Flower. © 2020 alwaysrenesmee
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The Coffee House Hotline by rosejancer
The Coffee House Hotlineby roses?¿
; in where a guy accidentally calls The Coffee House hotline. "A dialogue story but with a tad bit more of narration." ...
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