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An Ounce Of Love by ChaitraAnumula
An Ounce Of Loveby Chaitra Anumula
A wealthy step son in a politically charged environment, a spirited young Vet who loves to live her life to the fullest, a diabolical Godman, hell bent on changing the c...
Lovelust (Diabolical Lovers X Reader X Cross Overs) by Neko-Girl05
Lovelust (Diabolical Lovers X Read...by NekoGirl
you're a new maid who is going to work at the sakamaki mansion. what will happen if you meet the sakamaki, mukami and yui?......... Shu "Can you sleep with me (y/n)...
Identical Imposter by imperfectperfection0
Identical Imposterby Alyssa
They have more than one thing in common. First, they are identical, but not twins. Second, they are scary smart, and will do anything to get what they want. Third, th...
Diabolical  by ShaneKumar21
Diabolical by Shane Kumar
☆Ranked #3 on the 26th of Jan, 2020☆ "Time heal all wounds, they say. Not in my case. My wounds grew bitter. It grew like a cancer within my heart. I think the only...
FIBONACCIby Amin Manjara
Sally Michaels is a lawyer who was struggling for a good case. She finally finds a case but she doesn't know how dangerous it is. She becomes a target and falls in d...
Witches, Ghosts and Other Haunts Vol. 2 by Arwenravencroft
Witches, Ghosts and Other Haunts V...by E. Rochelle Potter
The second installment of thirteen macabre short stories to chill your blood. Haunted toys, possession, phantoms and diabolical creatures await to feast upon your imagin...
Diabolical by AuthorwAttitude
Diabolicalby Hope Barrett
This is the tale of Passive and Aggressive, two individuals in search of a good time at the expense of Reason, Patience, and Love. When all three are gone ~ what is le...
Callisto Flow 87/ The Sweetest Hangover by JeffreyBolden
Callisto Flow 87/ The Sweetest Han...by Boosie Badd
Ever wonder what science fiction stories could be inspired by hip hop music? Well one of my friend's from my old tumblr did, and taking Chris deLa Cruz' idea, I concocte...
Anime pics and more 2 by I-have-seen-things
Anime pics and more 2by
In this story I still will not want segregation from other people and as a reminder for every time I DO NOT OWN THE PICS DO NOT CREATED THIS ART TO ME But to the owners...
They Try to Think Like Us by tellastorybob
They Try to Think Like Usby Robert Stephen
The CEO of TechnoSunland, the nation's 4th largest corporation has implemented a formula, which will accelerate humankind's demise. In his plan, he will leave the Countr...
Old Mother Hubbard ✔ by drizzlestarstone
Old Mother Hubbard ✔by Becs
*Inspired by the poem*
Diabolical Desire by angelkiss17
Diabolical Desireby angelkiss17
Five boys manged to escape the depths of the underworld because they wanted to live a human life. They barely made it though. However, since they are the sons of Hades...
Ema Sakamaki  by tasmairoji1011
Ema Sakamaki by tasmairoji1011
Ema is the youngest then Layla is the youngest youngest daughter of Karl they were sent to live with there brothers and....
They All Want To Kill Me (On HOLD) by IAmNyctophobic
They All Want To Kill Me (On HOLD)by IAmNyctophobic
"In the name of Satan, ruler of the earth, the king of the world, who commands the forces of darkness, we beg you to put your infernal power in our hands! Spread wi...
Diabolical lovers x sister reader by ItsJaylonee
Diabolical lovers x sister readerby ItsJaylonee
If you don't like Yui then I suggest you read my book if you do like her then just do a little skim over the book and continue with your life
diabolik lovers: Subaru by animeromantica
diabolik lovers: Subaruby animeromantica
Yui komori and subaru Sakamaki story
Moving Figures by croxister
Moving Figuresby art hoe
Article 3C3-21.5 Moving · Figures- when two or more stray from their original objective. usually seen as treason and abandonment, treated by public execution