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mahishmathi watches the future by kichu110
mahishmathi watches the futureby Ammukutty
Mahishmathi watches the movie In the past along with royal family of kunthala and four visitors from the future
Amarendra Devasena - The story untold by Meenu_Panda
Amarendra Devasena - The story Meenu
This story is all about Amarendra Devasena, their Romance and the way they take their life with all conspiracies around; Stands at rank #10 in mmsa2017 This story is a...
😍Darling n Sweety😍 by Bahubalifan
😍Darling n Sweety😍by Bahubalifan
Hi Pranushka fans !!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ For the love of 😍Darling n Sweety😍 My crazy imaginations on Darling n Sweety(DS). Mostly humour with romance. ⚠️Disclaimer: This is a wor...
Ammu is Back ! [COMPLETED] by Bahubalifan
Ammu is Back ! [COMPLETED]by Bahubalifan
Hi Friends ! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Ammu is Back!As the title suggests, this fanfiction is about the return of the great Amarendra Bahubali after 25 years and his life thereafter narra...
Kshatriya Vivaham | ✔️ by authorpadmavathi
Kshatriya Vivaham | ✔️by padmavathi
[#1 in Baahubali on 11 April 2021 | #1 in Devasena on 21 April 2021] "You are naive!" Princess Devasena spat at her fiance. "Naive and unsuspecting! Forg...
What If.. by sryscribbles
What SriScribbles
What if these incidents happen/ed in Prabhas and Sweety's lives?! Prabhas and Anushka are a couple who have time and again seemed to the audience, fans and everyone arou...
The Unfinished Poetry √ by Penfolk
The Unfinished Poetry √by Sarang
What if Amarendra and Devasena met again, in the next life, only to rediscover their past? Devasena wakes up in a mysterious palace. Jolting through the corridors, she m...
BaHuBaLi   ® ReLoAdEd by kichu110
BaHuBaLi ® ReLoAdEdby Ammukutty
Mahendra Bahubali And Avanthika reborn in the past
Spin-off Stories by Bahubalifan
Spin-off Storiesby Bahubalifan
Hi Darling and Sweety fans !!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Here's a treat for all Prabhas-Anushka movie fans! Do you adore this perfect pair onscreen but felt that there could have been mo...
Darling n Sweety : The Book of Comics  by Bahubalifan
Darling n Sweety : The Book of Bahubalifan
Hello Friends ! 🙋🏻‍♀️ A comic book of light-hearted captions. A visual treat for fans craving for more on Pranushka/Darling n Sweety ! Hope you like it ! 😁 Disclaimer...
Bahubali ones shots  by love_garg23
Bahubali ones shots by love_garg23
These could be about any storyline I want to write about using the characters of Bahubali but mostly it will be about either Devasena and Amarendra Bahubali or Avantika...
The Bāhubali Chronicles by PriyaDarshni
The Bāhubali Chroniclesby Priya Darshni
Two stories dedicated to the Amarendra - Devasena couple.
Pranushka ❤️💙 by _Madhurima_
Pranushka ❤️💙by pranushkaxmine
Highest Ranks:- 9 in #sweety 22 in #pranushka 26 in #prabhas 2 in #devasena 5 in #bahubali 15 in # Anushka Shetty 2 in #amarendra 5 in # billa 6 in # Mirchi 💜❤️💙�...
Devasena - Bride of the War God by Mithyava
Devasena - Bride of the War Godby Mithyava Historia
Devasena, the daughter of Indra, has been engaged to Skanda after Skanda's legendary victory against the powerful demon, Taraka. Her father Indra, believes that the marr...
Baahubali- One Shots by Meenu_Panda
Baahubali- One Shotsby Meenu
A series of Shots in different POV's from the movie Franchise Baahubali
Amarendra Bahubali by krishnanthamira
Amarendra Bahubaliby krishnanthamira
A short story. Amarendra Bahubali !!! I ,the holder of that prestigious name is now not anymore. I can sense my senses slipping away. Kattapa is fading into the blurrine...
Last Farewell by Drabblelove
Last Farewellby The Lost Treasure
When Devasena,the personification of grace and valor breathes her last.
Hamsa Naava by judyjennifer
Hamsa Naavaby Selenophile
The royal couple Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena are sailing towards Mahishmathi through the waters of Mahishi river with a lot of dreams and aspirations of longed toget...
Tamizh Theivam Series Updates by VibishaLakshman
Tamizh Theivam Series Updatesby S. V. Lakshman
Updates on the 'Tamizh Theivam Series'. Find out more about this upcoming Series.
𝐄𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 by _AmarSena_
𝐄𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞by _AmarSena_
In which Mahishmati's soon to be King, Amarendra Baahubali finds himself in love with Kuntala Kingdom's Princess Devasena. How will the two become one? (More of an alt...