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[COMPLETE] Purple Hearts (Connor x Reader) Detroit: Become Human #Wattys2019 by midnightXcross
[COMPLETE] Purple Hearts (Connor Midnight Cross
You've always had an interest in androids ever since you were a child. The very thought that technology could create an intelligent life-form that looked just like a hum...
Partially Human | Detroit Become Human - Connor by theDAPPER
Partially Human | Detroit Become L Y N
C: Erika how did this happen? E: I just wanted to be able to be human. C: But you are human. E: Only partially human, Connor - - - - Connor x OC *set during the pacifist...
[ON-GOING] Detroit: Become Human x Reader Oneshots by midnightXcross
[ON-GOING] Detroit: Become Human Midnight Cross
One shots involving Markus, Connor, Ralph, Simon , Luther and many more characters from Detroit: Become Human. I am very new to writing x reader stories, but let me kno...
𝘿𝘽𝙃 - 𝙤𝙣𝙚-𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙨 by moppidify
𝘿𝘽𝙃 - 𝙤𝙣𝙚-𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙨by genshin hoe
«I DONT ACCEPT REQUESTS ANYMORE» I write different stories lead by different characters from "DETROIT: Become Human". Im not really an experienced writer but...
reflections | detroit become human by RETROSES
reflections | detroit become humanby *✲゚*。✧
where a girl unexpectedly falls in love with an android. ❝maybe it's a blessing in disguise❞ [detroit: become human - connor x oc]
I Bleed Blue // Detroit Become Human by _NicoleSolo_
I Bleed Blue // Detroit Become Once Upon A Time...
"My name is Connor. I am the android sent by CyberLife" Connor is a prototype android sent by the foundation CyberLife. He has one mission and one mission only...
Deviate {DBH Connor x Reader} [Detroit Become Human Fanfic] by _IAmNotAlive_
Deviate {DBH Connor x Reader} [ _IAmNotAlive_
"I have a question for both of you...what will make you deviate?" ~~~~~ Connor, a CyberLife android made to assist humans to capture deviants and stop the and...
Lovable Target: Connor x Reader  by Han7aSilent7
Lovable Target: Connor x Reader by Han7aSilent
You are a skilled human assassin and protector of deviants. Your boss, Mr. Young, assigns you to a certain android deviant hunter by the name of Connor. Knowing that you...
○☆Blue Blood☆○ Connor x Reader [UNDER EDITING] by fern_writes_stories
○☆Blue Blood☆○ Connor x Reader [ Fern
Cover art by ABD-illustrates on DeviantArt!! ~ (yet-to-be edited chapters begin at chapter 7) ~ When a steely, narrow-minded, android hating girl named (Y/n) returns fro...
Where Do I Begin? (Markus x Reader) D.B.H by LadybugCreativity
Where Do I Begin? (Markus x LadybugCreativity
You were abused by your own biological family, but you would always love to visit your neighbor, Carl and his android, Markus, in your free time to stay away from you fa...
Deviant Behaviour - DETROIT: Become Human [Connor x OC] by timegeekgirl
Deviant Behaviour - DETROIT: TimeGeekGirl
I was one of many maid androids helping families in the area of Detroit. I cleaned, cooked, helped with homework. I was always obedient... until I was not anymore; until...
| Connor & Hank | One Shots (Discontinued) by SofiaLuvsYou
| Connor & Hank | One Shots ( Sofia
A collection of stories about the duo we all loved! To AUs, to weird ideas that comes out of my mind. You name it. Will no longer update.
Guilt (Connor x Reader) by lekirra018
Guilt (Connor x Reader)by ~ lekirra ~
~~It all started with a death of a lover which ends in pools of secrets and lies~~
Detroit become human X Reader stories by ShadowX1200
Detroit become human X Reader ShadowX1200
Some of these stories may contain some yandere and other weirdness that may not be suitable for some readers. Some of the stories may also consist of more than one part...
AX600 by -Insert-Name-
AX600by Kårðµ
"Wait... You're an android?" I didn't dare look up at him, the thought of seeing the look on his face was enough to set my own terror in stone, I was frozen, s...
Detroit become human oneshots by brybot
Detroit become human oneshotsby brybot
Me and my friend have ideas at late nights and I make one-shot of them enjoy
Detroit Become Human: What Am I To You? by 1800potato
Detroit Become Human: What Am I Shanaynay
You're Hanks partner have been for about five months. You and him are called into fowlers office to be told you're going to be working with an android. You don't have an...
I Am Human (DBH Connor x Reader) by MadeByCyberlife
I Am Human (DBH Connor x Reader)by MadeByCyberlife
When Hank gets overloaded with deviant cases, he calls Y/N for help. Y/N goes to help and soon meets the android, Connor. All three of them, (Hank, Connor and Y/N) all w...
Detroit: Become Human One-Shots |Open| by wayward-angels
Detroit: Become Human One-Shots | Jacklyn ✨
Due to my recent obsession with this amazing game, I decided to post a one-shots story. The title says it all! Check out the first chapter for more details and the gui...
The Prototype (Connor x Reader) by AnimeBasics
The Prototype (Connor x Reader)by Anime
"I might not have red blood coursing through me, and I might not be made of flesh, but that doesn't mean I can't love you as much as any human could." He said...