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I'm still here - YiZhan  by Lavinepetals
I'm still here - YiZhan by Lavinepetals
I'm still here. The dreams you painted is still clear in my eyes. Your laughter still fresh in my mind and your smile still pegged in my heart. These months apart helpe...
Adopted by Markplier by Dottie14
Adopted by Markplierby Polka Dottie
Millie was your average 13 year old girl. Woke up every morning with her sisters. Got bullied by her sisters didn't like coffee. Played video games. Ok maybe she wasn't...
blank ✔ by erybuttt
blank ✔by 青空
❝why are your eyes so blank?❞ ©erybuttt
I loved you first by xxxgandakoxxx
I loved you firstby xxxgandakoxxx
John Parker... He liked the friend of the girl he loves. He always pays attention to her friend, he never saw how much she was hurting until she gave up on him and left...
Bullied [HS fan fiction] by paidjcksofjvjsod
Bullied [HS fan fiction]by Tiffoxx
I'm that kind of girl who doesn't give a fuck anymore. I get bullied by the it boys in my high school. Did I mention that my bully, Harry Styles, was my ex-boyfriend. P...
Commercial by giovannipace97
Commercialby giovannipace97
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Official by opportinalangford29
Officialby opportinalangford29
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Certain by willmanmulac80
Certainby willmanmulac80
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Majority by penrosealtshuler15
Majorityby penrosealtshuler15
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Stuff by piotriltis35
Stuffby piotriltis35
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Artist by alinenajjar80
Artistby alinenajjar80
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Quickly by datharickborn94
Quicklyby datharickborn94
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Way by limberremington56
Wayby limberremington56
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Control by secundadovidio63
Controlby secundadovidio63
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Just A Dream (TFIOS FanFic) by written_soul
Just A Dream (TFIOS FanFic)by written_soul
Hazel awakens from a coma in which she only dreamt of everything that happens with Gus. Now she is on a mission to find the boy she had fallen in love with.
Cold by reinersshalhope68
Coldby reinersshalhope68
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