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I'm still here - YiZhan  by Lavinepetals
I'm still here - YiZhan by Lavinepetals
I'm still here. The dreams you painted is still clear in my eyes. Your laughter still fresh in my mind and your smile still pegged in my heart. These months apart helpe...
Force by brawnermccullough26
Forceby brawnermccullough26
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Sweet Dreams by Dawn_of_Winter
Sweet Dreamsby Dawn_of_Winter
My friends say i'm crazy but I think i'm just smart..and besides if so i'm the craziest friend they will ever have. People call that i'm trying to avoid. You know it a...
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I loved you first by xxxgandakoxxx
I loved you firstby xxxgandakoxxx
John Parker... He liked the friend of the girl he loves. He always pays attention to her friend, he never saw how much she was hurting until she gave up on him and left...
Official by opportinalangford29
Officialby opportinalangford29
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Several by dixiemcgee89
Severalby dixiemcgee89
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Something by brunellotteman10
Somethingby brunellotteman10
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Traditional by klenkmiralles10
Traditionalby klenkmiralles10
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I by wagstaffstoico12
Iby wagstaffstoico12
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Summer by chaneychase31
Summerby chaneychase31
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Product by darbeetomkins23
Productby darbeetomkins23
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Voice by grekinbartovics90
Voiceby grekinbartovics90
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How to Determine the Qualification by finerolezq
How to Determine the Qualificationby finerolezq
Silverthorn Animal Clinic 14263 Powell Road, Spring Hill, Florida 34609 (352) 345-4830 How to Determine the Qualification of a Reliable S...
Region by mohandasbloomer76
Regionby mohandasbloomer76
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The Kandice Glover Story: Why Me ? by __Anonymouss
The Kandice Glover Story: Why Me ?by __Anonymouss
Kandice Glover is only 23 years old. She is a student CAU( Clark Atlanta University ). She is studying to become a registered nurse. She works at this nightclub called M...
Problem by estelljoly67
Problemby estelljoly67
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