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Tick Tock (Destiel Soulmate AU) by fandoms13
Tick Tock (Destiel Soulmate AU)by fandoms13
In the future, the Department of Soulmates and Timers gives everyone a timer on their right hand counting down to when that specific person will meet their soulmate. Thi...
Colors //Destiel Fanfic by nolifexlyssa
Colors //Destiel Fanficby BarryMcCockener
Dean got into an accident and was most likely going to die, but a miracle happens and Dean lives but for some reason he can't see colors any more, all he sees is a grays...
Athazagoraphobia by TheMouse28
Athazagoraphobiaby Mickey Mulligan
After some thinking, Amara decides that Dean needs both his parents. Only, she didn't know his past. And what John did to Dean growing up. And now that he's back, Dean m...
Wanted by KittyHazelnut
Wantedby KittyHazelnut
The Bloody Valentine has been terrorizing the streets for years. Despite all their hard work, the FBI hasn't seen heads or tales of him. Despite never meeting, that doe...
Pretending to be Married (destiel) by sophiew67
Pretending to be Married (destiel)by sophiew67
A case comes up at a councelling retreat and Sam, Dean and Cas go to check it out. Sam snatches up the only job vacancy forcing Cas and Dean to go in as a couple. None o...
mr. perfect by bloodandbile
mr. perfectby Grace
After Castiel's stupid blind date, he talks to the bartender Dean, and his life his changed. Castiel Novak has no friends, and his love life is practically nonexistent...
Like and Sub by dracos_princess
Like and Subby Collete Winchester
Dean Winchester is a famous YouTube star. Castiel is a history teacher at the local high school. Many of Cas' students fawn over Dean, or as they know him, Dean Zepplin...
You Found Me (Destiel/Sabriel Highschool Love Story AU) by ComeAlongHolmes_
You Found Me (Destiel/Sabriel inactive; gone
Castiel Novak. The new student. Gabriel Novak. The new student. Dean Winchester. Sam Winchester. Brothers. Who eventually meet and learn to care for these two mysteriou...
The Syrum Of Truth by TypicalFan2003
The Syrum Of Truthby TheSecretWritingChild1
Destiel and Sabriel. After Sam and Dean are dosed with a truth syrum they accidentally reveal their secret love for Gabriel and Castiel but how will the two Angel's reac...
the butterfly project | destiel by vagabondboy
the butterfly project | destielby 𝑔𝒶𝒷𝑒
in a world where everything your soulmate writes on their skin appears on yours, a young boy named dean winchester has been seeing butterflies appear all up and down his...
Teach Me by johnlox
Teach Meby johnlox
Castiel is a college student. Dean is a professor. It's not allowed. {recently completed} ©2017
Living Like This by Fan_Fictionator3000
Living Like Thisby Fan_Fictionator3000
Cas has been dating Aaron for six years now, and he loves it. Mostly. Sometimes Aaron loses his temper, but it's okay. He still loves Cas. Cas just has to make sure he d...
Destiel One Shots With a Few Cockles  by FanficsForYOU0307
Destiel One Shots With a Few FanficsForYOU0307
And here are some Destiel and Cockles one shots. Some fluffy. Some mpreg. Some smutty. ⚠️ Warning for: Smut Homophobic language Swearing Dirty jokes Assault ⚠️ Refus...
Halo| A Destiel Story by TardisTrouble
Halo| A Destiel Storyby Gabriel
An Au where Dean can see Castiel's Halo. Strangely he seems to be the only one. --- I made the cover. I am mass uploading this because I have other projects I want to w...
The Knock (Destiel) by TPmusic
The Knock (Destiel)by TPmusic
Castiel Novak had a horrible past, filled with abuse and scars. He hadn't talked in years and was invisible in college. That all changed by a knock on his dorm room, re...
Holy Vision by pedromiamor
Holy Visionby te amo
Dean starts wearing the glasses used for seeing hellhounds around everywhere to discover other things hidden from his vision. At first he notices nothing. Until one day...
Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel)by ^_^
Destiel/Sabriel Reverse!Verse Castiel and Gabriel Novak. You'd think they were angels from their name. But no, they were hunters. Hunters of all things that live in th...
Destiel Oneshots by probablylayinginbed
Destiel Oneshotsby probablylayinginbed
So you know what you're here for. Enjoy all variations of smutty and non-smutty Destiel fresh out of my brain!
It's Sad to Eat Pie Alone by Fan_Fictionator3000
It's Sad to Eat Pie Aloneby Fan_Fictionator3000
Castiel never liked people, and although he has nothing against his college room mate Dean personally, he finds that Dean is no exception. But Dean seems to like Cas lik...
Destiel One Shots by enochianphan
Destiel One Shotsby enochianphan
Some Destiel one shots i have in mind, might not be anything smutty but eh. (If there are any trigger warnings I will mention it before The story starts)