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I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT WARNING) by kevsghost
I'm Zelda, and You're Link! ( kevsghost
-Not a Legend of Zelda fanfiction-
  • desandnate
  • smith
  • leda
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Just A Fangirl? (A Destery Smith Fanfic) by mindthelipstick
Just A Fangirl? (A Destery Smith mindthelipstick
I grab his hand and look into those brown eyes, the ones I fell in love with the first day I met him. "I..", he quietly says, "I love you too".
  • love
  • capndesdes
  • destery
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yeah right! ★ destery smith imagines ★ by -ourbasorexia
yeah right! ★ destery smith 𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖊𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖊
one shots of your favorite emo: destery smith ¡lowercase intended! ★#1 in capndesdes! i can't thank you enough! ~no longer updating, thank you~
  • capndesdes
  • somewhatperverted
  • shanedawson
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Never Too Late by _MissMonster
Never Too Lateby Finn Mathis
It's been about three years since Destery Smith and Rayne Carter patched their relationship up back in New York. Things have been so good for so long, but when someone c...
  • smith
  • late
  • ahoynateo
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CapnDesDes Quotes by thatkidismitten
CapnDesDes Quotesby adrian🎈☁
Quotes from the YouTuber CAPNDESDES!!!!!
  • wtfnews
  • destery
  • quotes
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Capndesdes (Destery) X Reader One-Shots  by Masked_Vigelate
Capndesdes (Destery) X Reader Mrs. Evans!
CAPNDESDES!!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE FUCKING YOUTUBERS!!! So... yeah. This is some one-shots//imagines of you and Desdes. Also, I'm taking requests so...
  • youtube
  • destrian
  • capndesdes
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The night shift (capndesdes X male reader) by -Mad-As-Rabbits
The night shift (capndesdes X Ur local homo
Destery suffers from insomnia, meaning he struggles to sleep. He does more at night than during the day. One thing he does at night is find new places to eat, usually no...
  • youtube
  • gay
  • xmalereader
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Youtube saved my life, and brought me into yours. by inactiveaccountnow
Youtube saved my life, and inactiveaccountnow
  • destery
  • desandnate
  • capndesdes
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Jet Black (A Destery Smith , capndesdes , Nathan Owens , ahoynateo FanFic) by DraftProYo
Jet Black (A Destery Smith , DraftProYo
Two years after the loss of her brother Jace, 20 year old Ariana (Aria for short) moves to Florida to escape her nightmares. Never did she imagine that she would meet 2...
  • jetblack
  • ahoynateo
  • nathan
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The Player's List by wonderlandjunkie
The Player's Listby kelly
“Six simple words caused my heart to break. Adeline Ford. The Emo Freak, Accomplished.” All Addie wanted to do this year was to finish off her senior year of high schoo...
  • love
  • goodgirl
  • destery
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Half a Heart (BoyxBoy) by Gamzee_Honk
Half a Heart (BoyxBoy)by Cristopher (kris) ;3
Destery’s parents have hated him since the day he was born. He has been a disaster for their family. Eventually they can’t take it anymore and Destery is disowned from t...
  • hate
  • boys
  • suicide
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Please Don't Leave by _MissMonster
Please Don't Leaveby Finn Mathis
When Destery Smith meets the girl of his dreams, he is quickly heartbroken when she has to return to her home in New York so she can continue college. The problem is, on...
  • missmonster
  • please
  • moore
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Issues by PaigeMilesBVB
Issuesby Paige
Ivy Hilchar, A rich girl that wishes she could be anywhere but California, has just moved into a new neighborhood in Hillsborough. But she is being haunted by something...
  • human
  • cut
  • bad
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He Kidnapped Me...And My Heart. by ALonerToRemember
He Kidnapped Me...And My I go by many names.
Ryan has a secret.
  • ryan
  • fudge
  • war
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I by maeganawesomeness
Iby maeganawesomeness
Winter was a girl who loved her maddie (Madelyn). They would watch vines and pewdiepie videos. This story is about her meeting a boy named Destery (a youtuber). Winter...
  • awesomeness
  • destery
  • love
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Hello There... by 1Dbanana_ninja
Hello |-/ gee
Playlist…you can meet soooo many people there. Your fans, the reason you started making videos, your true love…
  • destery
  • capndesdes
  • desandnate
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One is Never Enough. by Sweet_Tee32
One is Never Tori Krystine
Audrey realizes her feelings for her best friend Josh and Chaz - her crush- confesses his love also! Audrey is in a love triangle, but who does she end up with?
  • brookellebones
  • destery
  • owens
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The Video Game Store *Destery Smith & Nathan Owens Fanfic* by DarkPurpleDinosaur
The Video Game Store *Destery DarkPurpleDinosaur
  • capndesdes
  • ahoynateo
  • destery
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