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Kookelle's Journeys by IsaCampoz
Kookelle's Journeysby IsaCampoz
My oc Kookelle Von Koopa is telling you the joys, restraint, and hardships of being the Koopa Princess.
This World Is A Deadly Chemical by 11storrys11
This World Is A Deadly Chemicalby ➳Story's➳
What is this world. It's a train under the Christmas tree circling the soon to be a deathly life of a beautiful thing. This world has darkness at night for you to sleep...
Overcome regression by KatiS1987
Overcome regressionby KatiS1987
Overcome the odds
Curiosity Killed The Dragon, But Satisfaction Brought Him Back by crowt33th
Curiosity Killed The Dragon, But Farley isn't Dead
Uhh...some voracious mishaps occur with my boys Seeker and Xander..h