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Sharing the Vagabond 》Desna x OC x Eska by fiendfyre77
Sharing the Vagabond 》Desna x OC fiendfyre77
This is a lengthy Desna x OC [original character] x Eska fic that I've been working on for quite some time now. I'm dedicating it to my friend Aiden, whose birthday is t...
Fate  ◇  Desna x Reader by fiendfyre77
Fate ◇ Desna x Readerby fiendfyre77
Hi! This is a reader insert fic I wrote about Desna from The Legend of Korra. 》If you ARE the type to want to read a really long fic, then you've come to the right plac...
both by simpforthebeifongs
bothby Char
Eska x oc female Desna x oc female lgbtq+ Bolin's twin sister
~Sal Khan Academy x Reader~ |AN UNSOLVED EQUATION| by sil_hisu
~Sal Khan Academy x Reader~ |AN anaphase
Sal from Khan Academy is the man of your dreams. You literally have never seen his face but his voice is hot or smt don't worry we all think so. People are fighting over...
It's about to get Pradesh in here by CreateBeautyNotWar
It's about to get Pradesh in hereby E-Reign
Densa is hosting a Pradesh week my dear readers! So join me as I create wonderful stories each day based off of the word prompts. M because this is about to get sexy. Yo...
Avatar High  by Indigo_hope_7
Avatar High by ♡"Sunshine"♡
(AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER FANFIC) It's the Avatar the last Airbender gang in High school! Woot! Woot! The whole gang in High school in the year 2017. Princess Yue, wel...
I can feel something. Legend of Korra: Desna and Wei's love tale. by Blackest_note
I can feel something. Legend of Black
**NOTE**: I do not own any of the characters from ATLA, LoK, RoK/SoK franchise. My whole life I haven't felt anything. I have never felt Anger, remorse, pride. Though th...
The Bet - Tahno x Desna by fiendfyre77
The Bet - Tahno x Desnaby fiendfyre77
》Slightly NSFW Wrote this little blurb for a friend who wanted some Desna x Male character content, so shoutout to Aiden. ✌️ Art credit: yuki119 on Tumblr [I added my te...
My Peaceful Little Airbender| Mako x Oc by giancath0608
My Peaceful Little Airbender| Riceball-Chan
The Oldest daughter of Tenzin and Pema was a prodigy she had a very strong connection with the spirit world and Ravva she was a master airbender when she turned 7 but sh...
I love you too (Short Boleska hurt fic) by Shippyboi
I love you too (Short Boleska Shipp
Eska gets injured fatally and Bolin saves Desna but Eska dies. P.s. I have nothing against bopal I just really loved how sweet boleska became at the end and in general w...
Ferris Wheel by Shippyboi
Ferris Wheelby Shipp
Just a little ficlet guys! I swear to god i'll work on MPYP soon.
The Legend of Korra Book 5: The aftermath of Kuvira by BloomPeters1718
The Legend of Korra Book 5: The Bloom Peters
This story will follow both Korra and Asami after facing Kuvira PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU LOVE KORRASAMI OR IF YOU LIKE MAKORRA THEY BOTH ARE FINE
Avatar One-Shots by creativemind34
Avatar One-Shotsby Ididntsignupforthis
As the title says, a collection of Avatar One-Shots. (DISCLAIMER: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend Of Korra)
You and I [Desami Fanfiction] by everything_author
You and I [Desami Fanfiction]by The Everything Author
"Desna," I reply. I spin around to see him. He must have taken that loosen up comment seriously, because he's out of his normal robes and in a regular, waist l...
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | Charmy Papitson! Reader x Desna & Eska  by giancath0608
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | Riceball-Chan
19 year old Y/N pappitson decided to travel away from the clover a kingdom and the 4 kingdoms in general so she left without telling anybody other than (Captain Yami, Yu...
"You Must Learn To Let Go." by PoliPopper707
"You Must Learn To Let Go."by Jeahee's glasses
Headcannons about your favorite ATLA and LOK characters. Yay. Including: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Azula, Suki, Ty Lee, Mai, Yue, Korra, Asami, Mako, Bolin, Lin...
Blind Date by alwaysawaterbender
Blind Dateby Ginny
What happens when two sets of twins plot to set Huan up on a blind date? Cover from mslvt on Deviantart. Full image can be found here: