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GirlxGirl- All That I Need💖  by __bisexualitea__
GirlxGirl- All That I Need💖 by Paige
Klarissa is a closeted Lesbian, too scared of what a judgemental society will think about her if she opens up. Her life is dull, as she tries to juggle school, work and...
My first crush (COMPLETED)√ by Marytej17
My first crush (COMPLETED)√by Marytej
COMPLETED HIGHEST RANKINGS IN 22/8/18 #6 in irresistable, #84 in wattysawards #13 in high school experience #504 in featured #14 in bet,desires #32 in best books on wat...
Forbidden Desires {book one} by SlayingBella
Forbidden Desires {book one}by Nicolette Rivers
Roman Reigns, now a married man, thought he would never have to face Nikki Bella again after their last encounter. But here she is, and he can't seem to resist. {book on...
I can't LOVE HIM by guptavishi
I can't LOVE HIMby guptavishi
New story New concept about OUR MANAN❤❤❤ . . Wanna know? Read it and follow me ..... story have MATURE content...
Obsessed (BoyxBoy) #Wattys2015 by xHug_Mex
Obsessed (BoyxBoy) #Wattys2015by Teddy
I love him, but he doesn't love me that way. I want him to be mine, but I can't. He thinks that when I tell him I love him, its a brotherly love. He is my best friend, t...
Rakshaas - A demon by spring_souls
Rakshaas - A demonby Kia & Gauri
Vansh Raisinghania, the Prince of hell, is the definition of darkness himself. He's a half human and half demon, himself unaware of his powers. He is a superhuman with u...
Khatta Meetha (short love stories) by xukai2020
Khatta Meetha (short love stories)by xukai2020
This is a collection of short love stories. The stories will be on Muslimx Muslim. I don't own any pictures but I own the stories and the characters. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋...
Dreams..... by Abha3006
#8 Abha Dikshit
Arjun is out on a revenge to destroy the family who are reason for his pain. He is a man with no Hope. He loves destroying...all his years in business he had just seen...
Submit.  by KittenWithaKnife
Submit. by KitKat<3
This is a bdsm story about a girl named Alice shes 23 a shy, submissive, clumsy brunette what will happen when she goes in for a job interview with one of the richest me...
Desires In Another World by iShana9299
Desires In Another Worldby @iShana9299
It was another typical day for the average lonely commoner, Shin Kagami. Another day where he juz laze around on his bed doing nothing but, 'Dream, Fantasize, Think & Im...
Dark Desires by dreww02
Dark Desiresby Drew Murnane
Navina sits in the quiet corner of the diner in a snug little booth every night. Night after night, innocent humans are pulled to her booth and she takes great pleasure...
Saudade | A Headcanon Book by 1-800-HONKKARL
Saudade | A Headcanon Bookby claire my beloved <3
╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- ╰┈➤ ❝ In which, you will see various different headcanons for your needs or desires. ❞
Boundless Desires by rose_writes_2
Boundless Desiresby Rose
All Arissa knew when she started the journey to try and gain what she wanted was that she had no guarantee that her life would go well but she had determination and hope...
This story is connected to the 'THE TWO SIDED IN-CONVINIENCES' this story supports the line of chasing your dreams first before chasing your love. A bi-sexual girl havi...
Mysterious Love (Love series #4)  by vivya11
Mysterious Love (Love series #4) by Vivya11
HER POV. what will happen when you are married to someone without your acceptance and more to this what if you don't know who is he?? And you never saw him?? And most im...
Fame, Fortune And Betrayal {jongsang}  by reap-my-soul
Fame, Fortune And Betrayal { Oliviajade
Jongsang story Yeosang is an Instagrammer for crossdressing, his best friend wooyoung also crossdresses. Yeosang is more sexual than wooyoung who is softer but they got...
PATHOS | psychological facts by lethaliity
PATHOS | psychological factsby nikki
Pathos - anything that evokes a emotional response. This book will provide insight on some facts about the most complex thing- the human mind. The topics included in th...
Taboo Desires by StormWriter128
Taboo Desiresby StormWriter128
This is a erotic story of a son and his list for his mom. If that's not your style, then I'd recommend you don't read.
Beyond Boundries (COMPLETED) by Dayafanforever
Beyond Boundries (COMPLETED)by Dayakideewani
Daya sir is on an undercover mission and is aapointed as physical education trainer in a school. He is favorite of every student in the school. But a girl named shreya f...
Simmering Love by AashiIrf
Simmering Loveby Nishi Ahmed
Darkness was her constant companion. Sorrow was her best friend. And grief was her home. In a world full of people; people who had been her blood relatives; people who h...