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Come with me. | h.s. smut by Harrehrehbooteh
Come with me. | h.s. smutby Anna
Trailing a blaze of fire along the skin covering my trachea, wet tongue marinating the newly exposed skin. "Now tell me, babygirl," heady pants layer the conqu...
The Red String Of Fate (IwaOiKage) by Sniper_owo
The Red String Of Fate (IwaOiKage)by -MuLTiShiPPeR-
It isn't only the past at Kitagawa Daiichi (First) which has haunted Kageyama. It is also his relationship with his senpais prior to when he was in sixth grade. Highest...
Coveted | A Selection Roleplay by LovesCanada365
Coveted | A Selection Roleplayby ωяιтιηg ιη тнє ∂αяк
"I'm not sure anyone knows what they're looking for until they find it." -- A detailed Selection role-play. Note: You DO NOT need to have read The Selection...
The Tanner Collection: smut, fluff, and more by TheBoozeHound
The Tanner Collection: smut, -+★Moth Pilot★+-
What used to be a request book is now a book where I write non-stop smut, fluff, platonic, kink, etc. works for all the Tanner simps I have attracted, love you all! - Gr...
Heart's Desires [ Adrian Pucey ] by adriansbroomstick
Heart's Desires [ Adrian Pucey ]by puceyssubmissive
Antoinette Megophi is starting her 3rd year at Hogwarts. When she bumps into someone little does she know that the boy would soon be her boyfriend. Along the way, she wi...
Omega (Completed) by seventeentwentytwo
Omega (Completed)by seventeentwentytwo
This story includes rape, bullying, torture, violence, suicide, strong language, incest and male pregnancy which are not suitable for very young audiences. If this is no...
Not Alone by tsimpson1992
Not Aloneby Tanya Simpson
Jordan Donovan is a 24 year old mother who has been on the run for the last 6 years. She is accompanied by her 6 year old daughter Cassandra and her best friend Kelsey S...
Descriptives and Narratives(IGCSE English) by GauthamK
Descriptives and Narratives( Gautham D. Kumar
This book is a compilation of narratives and mainly descriptives that I wrote as practice work for my IGCSE First Language English course. They are mostly unreviewed and...
Twin Image: Family, Before Anything by Rosaceae-
Twin Image: Family, Before Anythingby Rose 🌹
"what's the definition of risk?" "The possibility or chance of loss." "Exactly! The possibility or chance of loss. And what's engraved on th...
Individual Roleplay by Jared_cant_read
Individual Roleplayby *bisexual panic*
Anyone can roleplay, my guys gals an non-binary pals. Art created on Pictew!!
Stalker HS by pencilidle
Stalker HSby pencilidle
Cover by @Horanluver12 "It's been a while, babe. I left you a gift, hope you enjoy, Pheobe." -♪HS (New Author ':| heavy editing going down 😘 so if you're conf...
Man Hunt: New Grounds || Descriptive Roleplay by I_am_Ironman3000
Man Hunt: New Grounds || -ˋˏMKˎˊ˗
[FULL] *** Book Two of Man Hunt, the roleplay! This specific roleplay sequel does NOT require that you were in the previous one, so to anyone who didn't participate in...
The Prince and The Guard by StarlightOceans
The Prince and The Guardby ˏˋ𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕨°•*⁀➷
Osamu Dazai was the next heir to the throne of Yokohama. However, he had a tendency to be problematic. Always getting into some type of trouble and making bodyguards qui...
Individual Rp by axol-waddle
Individual Rpby axol-waddle
What the title says, I hope that we can have fun
Individual roleplay - Detailed by EarthPhantom02
Individual roleplay - Detailedby EarthPhantom02
Hey the ocs are mine but the images are not All sorts of roleplays will be found on here. Multiple Ocs and world building are encouraged however not required. The more...
IGCSE Narrative and descriptive Writing by 123dreamstoeies
IGCSE Narrative and descriptive Chandrika :)
These are some of my 1st language English writings. It really helped me score good marks in English and it is pretty fun to read and write these stories. I really hope t...
My Gift and My Curse [BoyxBoy Werewolf] by ThatLonelyGirl
My Gift and My Curse [BoyxBoy Minnie
Hunter Stone is a normal everyday werewolf. He's next in line for alpha and is ready to take the job. He makes above average grades, very popular, gets attention from al...
🄾🄲 🄱🄾🄾🄺 by krusty_noodles
🄾🄲 🄱🄾🄾🄺by ✨ȺᘉįɱƐ ɱƐᘉ Ϛįɱφ✨
ᴀɴ ᴏᴄ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍʏ ʙᴀʙɪᴇs ᴡʜᴏ ᴀʀᴇ ʙᴀᴅᴀssᴇs ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴏᴡɴ ᴡᴀʏ υωυ)>❤️ ᴛʜɪs ʙᴏᴏᴋ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇ ᴛᴀᴋᴇɴ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜɪʀᴅ ᴛɪᴍᴇ. ᴀʀᴛ, ᴅʀᴀᴡɪɴɢs, ᴇᴛᴄ. ʙᴇʟᴏɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛs...
ARCANE ⎬ literate individual roleplays  by SOMBERTOWNS
ARCANE ⎬ literate individual ¡ 𝑒𝑚𝑚𝑎 !
" angels banished from heaven have no choice but to become devils " ¡ OPEN ! original & fandom roleplays. i take requests!