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Guide to New Girl by ChloeD1997
Guide to New Girlby Chloe
Who's that girl? It's Jess! Jess is the new girl. Nick is the grump. Schmidt is the player. Winston is Brown Lightning. Cece is the model. The four roommates and...
  • miller
  • schmidt
  • deschanel
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Just A Little by lilyandreilly
Just A Littleby Billy Bob Jones
If you're in love with your best friend, and he's friendzoning you, Rian feels your pain. Rian's been in love with her best friend Laurie since the day he drank her latt...
  • paranormal
  • told
  • best
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Mariah Carey the Pantless Wonder by narenado
Mariah Carey the Pantless Wonderby Natalie Arenado
In a town where no one is old, people are vain and crazy, crime is rampant there is only one pant-less heroine that can save humanity. Her name is Mariah Carey. She uses...
  • hero
  • action
  • super
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Best Wattpad Books ☮☮☮☮☮  by BlackHeartAndHair
Best Wattpad Books ☮☮☮☮☮ by Iyahana.A.allen
Most of these wattpad books are great but people don't actually read them because they can't find them. so...I've made it easier for you all,i promise and recommend that...
  • gr8
  • recommendations
  • deschanel
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Journey by katiebeth_love
Journeyby Bethany
you want to read this. really, you do. and you should.
  • parrish
  • nutri-grain
  • minnesota
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EL LOUve you by xhuzzy123
EL LOUve youby angel
According to Louis Eleanor is "Beautiful,lovely," but wait there's still a continuation to that. "She's extremely grumpy!" Yes, Louis To...
  • fanfiction
  • kiss
  • deschanel
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The Winters ▼ On Hold by mustachedtina
The Winters ▼ On Holdby Kristina Ria
After Cathy Winters's graduation, her sister, Allison Winters, bumped into a beautiful lad named Steven Knowles. She knew it was love at first sight but she ignored her...
  • winters
  • deschanel
  • zooey
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Daddy's Back by Meganetta96
Daddy's Backby Megan
Rosie Spenial is a normal teenage girl with a normal family and a normal life. Apart from her dad. Her dad has been absent for most of her life due to an alcohol problem...
  • friends
  • boy
  • emotion
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The Wretched by Octipus
The Wretchedby Octipus
Everything revolves around a pentagram: five deaths, two doctors and the resolves. One thing led to another and this whole situation becomes more than a person can handl...
  • matt
  • york
  • zooey
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NOT SUPPOSED TO BE by diddle06
Alexis is a grown woman ready to go to college, but is she too innocent to face the bad boys around? How will she protect her secret while keeping her grades up and her...
  • teenage
  • zooey
  • 5sos
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Mint Smoke by _skinnylovee
Mint Smokeby _skinnylovee
Michael Clifford always smoked the mint cigarettes Jenna Damon loved so much. She loved the mint almost as much as she loved him, and as soon as she dies he never touche...
  • 5sos
  • zooey
  • deschanel
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Zoey and Katy by RiyaAnnePolcastro
Zoey and Katyby Riya Anne Polcastro
A waiter learns the truth about Hollywood in this hilarious exposé.
  • perry
  • hollywood
  • flash
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The College lifestyle by watch_me_write
The College lifestyleby Natalie Bowman
What does one expect when we enter college? College is the beginning of new life. New individual. Exploring all the possible sides of ourselves. As much cliché as it mig...
  • fights
  • enimies
  • friendship
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His Name Was Oliver by shadydirectiion
His Name Was Oliverby shadydirectiion
Sophia, a just turned senior has been through a lot in the past couple of years. She has faced the loss of her mother after her father fell terminally ill. Left alone wi...
  • zooey
  • smile
  • humour
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Snow White From The Train Station. by BlurredSecret
Snow White From The Train You_Know_Who
Summer days. No school. No work. Just me and my video games and friends and parties. I seriously miss the summer days. But those are not the only reasons why I miss them...
  • comedy
  • love
  • zooey
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Strictly Business by RainDancer133
Strictly Businessby Charlotte
Sixteen year-old Shay Hart is the guardian to her younger sister, Hannalie, after their parents are killed in a plane crash. Chace is an arrogant seventeen year-old with...
  • offer
  • deschanel
  • abby
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