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King of Mean by StitchedIvy
King of Meanby AntiRemus
#1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random d...
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Welcome to Auradon High, Sanders Sides by SomeoneUnimportantTM
Welcome to Auradon High, Sanders SomeoneUnimportantTM
Logan Grimhilde and Virgil have been chosen to attend prestigious high school Auradon Prep on behalf of Prince Patton. The story of how two Isle-hardened teens learn to...
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Levi X Reader (DESCENDANTS AU) by user27851376
Levi X Reader (DESCENDANTS AU)by 💜❄️Winterbear❄️💜
"No matter what happens be the one you are right now not the one you expect to be because I'm always here loving you for who you are no matter what happens...."...
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rebels ❧ blacktan by bluesided-
rebels ❧ blacktanby HIATUS
descendants au | "we aren't who we say we are" in which the princess whom others assume has everything has nothing, so she takes things into her own hands to w...
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Once Upon a Switch by _Peter_Tingle_
Once Upon a Switchby 👑Winchester👑
Descendants AU When Jane got the wand, she made it so that the good guys went to the Isle, and the bad guys lived in Auradon. Their roles completely switch. Now, you and...
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Miraculous Descendants by nj09sj
Miraculous Descendantsby nj09sj
Marinette, daughter of Ladybug, is in for a surprise when her parents decide to invite the descendants of villains from Akuma Island to live in their kingdom, Miraculous...
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OneShots by Malec_Merthur01
OneShotsby Malec_Merthur01
Estes são alguns Oneshots que fiz enquanto estava com algum bloqueio de imaginação ou quando precisava de fazer uma pausa no que estou a escrever no momento. Não vou pub...
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Missing by fairest_of_them_all1
Missingby fairest_of_them_all1
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Mal asked, hoping the mirror would answer 'Genevieve Grimhilde' but to no avail as the mirror only...
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(httyd)watching descendants by issy5316
(httyd)watching descendantsby issa
descendants au the isle of the lost and auradon are transported to watch the future but theres also a unexpected secret is reveal that will change a life forever but wha...
Descendants AU - BTS/BlackPink by gvldendust
Descendants AU - BTS/BlackPinkby c l e o
Twenty years after Belle and Beast marry and become king and queen, they establish the United States of Auradon, creating a prosperous new nation from the surrounding ki...
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