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Stay with me my love (Yandere boy x reader) by Clari_girl
Stay with me my love (Yandere Clari_girl
New school,new life. That's what I thought. I run into this boy, he was friendly! But then something changed and I was in the middle of it all. Y/n=Your name L/n=Last na...
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Only For Us (yandere boys x reader) by yanessamora
Only For Us (yandere boys x reader)by ♪Yanessa mora♪
One day a high school girl named (Y/N) encounters six boys who seem to take a interest in her. After she befriends them they start growing a unhealthy obsession for her...
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You Stole Our Hearts! Tsundere X Reader X Deredere by soraegi
You Stole Our Hearts! Tsundere X Shuegi
Hey guys! ('v')/ So you're going to a new academy, Musashi Academy, because you were very smart and got transferred there. You then meet two boys, a nice and cheerfu...
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Criminal Minds x Reader One Shots. by Sootsy
Criminal Minds x Reader One ⌜ ♏︎𝔞𝔯 ⌟
Meraki /may•rah•kee/ (Verb) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. ☽★☾ Because I'm slightly obsessed with the show...
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Criminal Minds preferences and One Shots~ Requests Closed. by PagetisQueen
Criminal Minds preferences and PagetisQueen
Can't write these things but this is my first story so bear with! ? characters include: Hotch, Reid, Morgan Rossi, Emily, JJ, Garcia Kate, Alex, Elle, Luke
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Big Bad Wolf (Derek Hale X Reader!~) by _JessicaPedersen_
Big Bad Wolf (Derek Hale X _JessicaPedersen_
{COMPLETE} {Might remake it soon}
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serendipity | bts. by bangddaengb
serendipity | bangddaengb
[yandere!bts x reader] He smirked in a way that caused a shiver to go down her spine. His lips were beside her ear. "I'd recommend you stop doing that, sweetheart...
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Peter Hale-Imagines (Request open) by lorraine_r
Peter Hale-Imagines (Request open)by lorraine_r
This is a collection of one-shots with Peter Hale. :) Feel free to send requests with any character
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Derek Hale Imagines (derek x reader)  by huntedhearts
Derek Hale Imagines (derek x huntedhearts
Derek Hale x Reader imagines! These won't be too long, don't worry. I hope you enjoy, please feel free to send in suggestions! I'd really appreciate some feedback/creati...
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Hunting Derek (Derek x Reader) by Lilwriterbefree
Hunting Derek (Derek x Reader)by Lilwriterbefree
This is based off Teen Wolf character Derek Hale. I DID NOT MAKE TEEN WOLF NOR DEREK HALE!! Some of the events that happen probably wont add up, I made this story just...
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Fixation( Male Yanderes X Reader) by ticcitobypsychotic
Fixation( Male Yanderes X Reader)by Psycho
"You're mine..." "Please don't leave me!" "I love you, moonlight~" "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE MINE, ALREADY?" "You will never le...
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My Cold King || Kuudere X Reader by Unidogo
My Cold King || Kuudere X Readerby .
Having a normal high school life was all you wanted, but apparently it is all ruined by SOMEONE. The future king of your kingdom! ________ #1 in Kuudere 08/11/18 #11 i...
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Idée Fixe by LavandeReve
Idée Fixeby LavandeRêve
(F/n) didn't think much of the six transfer students that came to her college in the beginning of her second year. They were attractive sure, but also strangers. She did...
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Derek Hale Imagines by fullmoonimagines
Derek Hale Imaginesby mary
fluffy and angsty imagines for our favorite sourwolf cover photo from @avatars-by-cece on tumblr!!
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Worlds end syndrome:Yandere!Male!Police officer! x Female!Detective!Reader by preabevee
Worlds end syndrome:Yandere!Male! preabevee
"Well I couldnt see you right well....the simplest solution was...!" "N-no...I...I TRUSTED YOU!I LOVED YOU!HOW COULD-" What if you loved s...
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Devotion | Sequel to Infatuation  by aentarctica
Devotion | Sequel to Infatuation by 왕따
(Continued from Kaito's ending) - It's been one long year since a particular girl went missing. Most don't know she's secluded from society in the middle of nowhere. Und...
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Hibana Go Tobu by TheUltimateFarmer
Hibana Go Tobuby Raimei Blue Train
English- Sparks Fly An original story with some references (Some of these characters are based on people I know. Some of them are original personalities.) Japanese Names...
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Criminal Minds one shots [ Derek x Reader ] by AngelicLightning
Criminal Minds one shots [ Derek Wake me up
A collection of short stories that is about reader x derek morgan from criminal minds
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You're my Alpha now by MayaAnderson1
You're my Alpha nowby Maya
Chased out of your old life and thrown into a crazy new one. Dealing with the supernatural and myths coming to life right before your eyes was beyond what you least expe...
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Mine (Yandere Demon Boy x reader) by Forgotten_Assassin
Mine (Yandere Demon Boy x reader)by Sarcasm_Demon
(Y/N) is a 16 year old girl with a demon best friend, but what starts to happen when that friend starts to developed a romantic feeling for her? --------- This book gets...
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