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💮Don't Worry, My Little Kohai~ [ Yandere Senpai × Reader√ ] by Kiyo_Mizu
💮Don't Worry, My Little Kohai~ [ TsukkiEuni
[] " Kσυнαι~? ωнαт ∂ση'т Yσυ ωσяяү αвσυт тнιηg.. " [] __________________________________________ Wʜᴀᴛ's ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴɪɴɢ? Tʜɪs ᴡᴀsɴ'ᴛ ʜᴏᴡ ɪᴛ...
OC X Reader ONESHOTS || Book 1 by Aph_britain_America
OC X Reader ONESHOTS || Book 1by ΨΩΩK ΨUΠωΩΩ
Request are open! Song fic, scenarios and what ifs are allowed. This is completed, I might or may not update.
Mistaken (Yandere Modern Princes X Reader) by -StarryDeadNight
Mistaken (Yandere Modern Princes Riri
" You are the only one I desire. Come on and love me like what I always desire. No need to show fear for I am just simply loving you with immense insanity in my hea...
Depend On Me  by alienosaur
Depend On Me by 🌸お嬢様🌸
[Editing on progress] Oikawa Tooru, 26 years old, is a doctor in a certain hospital. His life was normal until he met a little boy who gets treated in the hospital for a...
Dere~yuri:book 2[Unfinished] by Sushipugs
Dere~yuri:book 2[Unfinished]by Sins
Hello guys I'm taking a break from full blown stories. One shots are easier to make anyways. So this is book two of my yuri series I think. Anyways I though that since t...
I'm the heroine and such a bakadere. by Doginette
I'm the heroine and such a Doginette
New year in my wonderful college full of seductive male leads. I really missed my classmates and my school life. But among the leads the only one in my heart is you. Bu...
 cσмρℓιcαтε∂ ғεεℓιηgs σғ яεgяεт (Tsundere!M! X Reader!F!)  by PeregrineFalcon14
cσмρℓιcαтε∂ ғεεℓιηgs σғ яεgяεт ( ░▒▓█ 𝓕𝓮𝔂𝓻𝓬𝓮 █▓▒░
A girl regretting her love for someone who won't give it back to her... A boy who regrets giving his fragile trust to someone who breaks it when he should've given it to...
✨~Glen X Reader Oneshots~✨ (OPEN) by AytenChanYTT
✨~Glen X Reader Oneshots~✨ (OPEN)by AytenChanYTT
✨✨✨✨ Welcome to Glen x reader oneshots, everyone! Request whatever you want! ✨✨✨✨
Weakest Link {Yandere! Servamp X Reader} by Da_Devilest
Weakest Link {Yandere! Servamp X Clown™
Thinking up quotes for the rest of the them don't @ me ------------------------------------------------ "You're neck deep in this mess because you wanted to be, may...
Don't Say No (Yandere! Mello X Mute! Reader) by Da_Devilest
Don't Say No (Yandere! Mello X Clown™
She had snuck away from the mafia hideout, all trust in the blonde who had brought her there gone. After all, he was the cause of her constant silence. It was only the...
Learn to be a Dere by authors_and_editor
Learn to be a Dereby Authors & Editor
So if your reading this you most likely know what a Dere Type is. And if you don't, chill. I will explain it!
Yandere! Hamilton Characters||One Shots by Artistic_Ally
Yandere! Hamilton Characters|| 동맹국
DISCONTINUED!! "So, you lied to me the whole entire time?" ... "In a way, yes" "I will never love you" "You shouldn't have said that...
Guide to Survive a Yandere  by GuardianSoul41
Guide to Survive a Yandere by GS41
Hey! You! Yes I'm talking to you! Have you recently been stalked by someone? Feeling as though you're being watched? Felt like your very existence is on the line Because...
~The Types of Deres~ by Fantisilife
~The Types of Deres~by recovering
Description of the kinds of deres for you all! Thank you @XxCoatedxSprinklesxX Which one are you??? Go find out!!! (PS- I'm working on a quotev quiz with all the de...
Which Dere Are You!? by arsenicCatnip123442
Which Dere Are You!?by Kuudere Insane
all the deres, what they mean, and a little questionnaire if you fit into that category!! I'm a CooDere so yeah!
ABUSE | yandere yuri plisetsky by jouleianne
ABUSE | yandere yuri plisetskyby Fujoshi Fangirl
" 'til death do us part. " cold-hearted, with a knife in hand ; he was ready to kill people who dare to stand. she knew it was dangerous, she knew it'll cost...
Yandere Male Author X Female Reader by Flaconadir
Yandere Male Author X Female Readerby FlacoNadir
You have just moved into your new home. Ready for a new chapter in your life. While meeting the neighbors, you make your first friend. He seems nice, he's about ypur age...
Shiroyuki & the Fourteen Dere's by CrystalAien
Shiroyuki & the Fourteen Dere'sby
Shiroyuki Riku only wanted to live an easy live. but being a Prince and someday the Future King means a certain responsibility. With his sixteen birthday coming around...
Karmagisa Oneshots by cruxxkarmagisafan55
Karmagisa Oneshotsby Cruxxchan
Various of Karmagisa stories! Hope you enjoy reading! - I do not own the anime and the arts they belong to their respectful owner- -May Contain -Violence -Cussing