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hell teacher (johnny depp)✔  by geanatyas
hell teacher (johnny depp)✔ by Hello!
[#1 SEQUEL] He's a scary man. There's something in his eyes. ©2014Geanatyas #1 in #depp 2019
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DARLING ➶ JOHNNY C. DEPP II by babygirlterr
❝ This can't be real. ❞ ❝ I'll have to pinch you, darlin'. ❞ In which a fan sends a letter, and a movie star sends his love.
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Dirty Business ❤Ziam❤ by zaynpayne96
Dirty Business ❤Ziam❤by zaynpayne96
Liam Payne was the youngest, most successful businessman, who wanted to extend his 'Payne company'.So he started to go to different citiese in the UK to make good deals...
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Kidnapped By Johnny Depp by sadnoodlegurl
Kidnapped By Johnny Deppby sadnoodlegurl
In 2007, a popular girl named Lola is living the dream life in LA with her dad, who is a well known director in Hollywood. But her perfect life comes crashing down when...
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Just An Ordinary Girl  ~A Johnny Depp Story~ by AliceHerrington
Just An Ordinary Girl ~A Johnny Alice
What would you do if, on your average work day, Johnny Depp were to walk in and order a cup of coffee. What would you do if he walked into your life with no intention of...
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Impossible by PopTarts17
Impossibleby PopTarts17
It's 1940, and the Nazis have thickened the laws against the Jews. However, this Jew is different. Her name is Marie and the most unlikely thing happened, she fell in lo...
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The Toymaker and the Chocolatier by frozenwolf72
The Toymaker and the Chocolatierby Frozenwolf72
"she was a rainbow but he was colour blind"
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Love Upon A Lie(Johnny Depp Fanfict) ✔ by geanatyas
Love Upon A Lie(Johnny Depp Hello!
Just try not to fall in love. [completed] ©geanatyas2013
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REUNITED | willy wonka by moonwalkin_bird
REUNITED | willy wonkaby ≡;- ꒰ ° birbo ꒱
just another one of those willy wonka fanfictions :) #2 - johnnydepp #5 - johnnydepp #1 - candystore #7 - grande
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His Starshine (Willy Wonka x Tom Hiddelston x Reader)  by Ctkiller
His Starshine (Willy Wonka x Tom Colleen Johnson
You work Willy Wonka and you see him as co worker or boss whatever. but he sees you as something else. 5 kids come in and you notice how he changes like he doesn't care...
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That and more. by dreamchalamet01
That and dreamchalamet01
Marial is an 18 year old actress Academy award nominee,she was young beautiful and shy she got casted as Catherine at the king but she didn't knew her life's gonna chang...
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Johnny Depp Imagines by jiminieskitten
Johnny Depp Imaginesby CherryBlossom♡
Read the title>>> 18 plus>>>
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Don't go! // Edward Scissorhands x reader by johnnyobsessed1919
Don't go! // Edward Scissorhands johnnyobsessed1919
Y/n is Kim's sister and instead of Edward falling in love with Kim, he falls in love with Y/n! I DO NOT OWN EDWARD, KIM AND ALL the other ORIGINAL CHARACTERS AND I DONT...
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Everything by force -Cpt. Jack Sparrow X Reader (ON HOLD) by Horroryas
Everything by force -Cpt. Jack Candy floss
First 3 chapters don't involve you yet but it's just Jack's sort of background story for this book. This is a Captain Jack Sparrow X Reader book... And this is my first...
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Johnny Depp Imagines by deppisallyouneed_
Johnny Depp Imaginesby deppisallyouneed_
Just Johnny Depp imagines. Hope you like them!
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The Sparrow's Call by MaddyGrace98
The Sparrow's Callby Maddy
What happens when the governor's daughter of Port Royal meets a handsome sea Captain, Jack Sparrow? All characters are owned by Disney Studios and Pirates of the Caribbe...
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Cute and sexy Johnny Depp photo's. by RockNRollGirl101
Cute and sexy Johnny Depp photo' RockNRollGirl101
Tell me which one's are your favorite's. They're all so cute,i can't decide which one's i like the best.
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There's a monster in my closet (Johnny Depp) by JohnnysSmile
There's a monster in my closet ( JohnnysSmile
Charis Walker (or maybe Alicia, like Johnny Depp knows her) is a 27-year-old voice provider whose the favorite actor and greatest love is Johnny Depp. And she will have...
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CANDY | willy wonka imagines by moonwalkin_bird
CANDY | willy wonka imaginesby ≡;- ꒰ ° birbo ꒱
title is self explanatory! send imagines if you'd like! no smut please!
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Trapped love by Graceful_fangirl_
Trapped loveby grace
She's a young girl, locked up in the phsyciatric unit part of the hospital. He's an undercover cop, pretending to be a fellow patient for an assignment. ( A Johnny Depp...
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