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50 Shades Of Grey's by mcdreamyplsmcrailme
50 Shades Of Grey'sby mcdreamyplsmcrailme
This is basically just a book about MerDer seggs. We were robbed of too many MerDer seggs scenes, so I took it upon myself to deliver some of them to y'all. Some of the...
Secret Affairs by MindlessStranger
Secret Affairsby michelle ✌️
A Dempeo Story Ellen and Patrick met on a sunny day in Los Angeles, she was sitting under the tall oak tree in the dog park watching Tino carefully and a tall, dark hai...
Reality Sucks by ilovegreysanatomy129
Reality Sucksby MerderDempeoStan
This is a dark fanfic thats about if Ellen's husband Chris died and if Patrick would come back and help her cope *not finished
Extraordinary  by Ikizuko
Extraordinary by Ikizuko
MerDer. Meredith is appointed the new Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace when her intern year should have been beginning. She's a surgical prodigy and moves to Seattle an...
Remember Me. by twihard7694
Remember twihard7694
Chris takes Ellen on a date to the same car race that Patrick is participating in. What happens when Ellen witnesses a terrible accident that changes the life of her and...
The End by theserialromantic
The Endby B James
Every secret eventually makes its way out of the darkness. Theirs wasn't any different. It had been six years and that reality still stung her chest. Ellen had vowed to...
Time stops by ilovegreysanatomy129
Time stopsby MerderDempeoStan
Ellen Pompeo is on her way to work...what happens when she gets in an accident? How will her fellow costars react? *patrick and Ellen are both single with no kids
Don't Give Up On Me by ilovegreysanatomy129
Don't Give Up On Meby MerderDempeoStan
When Meredith gets a life changing diagnosis, who's going to help her? *set around late season 2/early season 3 Collab with @merderrstan
my boyfriend is my bully by dereksswhoreee
my boyfriend is my bullyby merder♡
Derek Is merediths worst nightmare in school. he makes her life hell.. meredith is a shy girl in her school. she basically has just 2 friends. izzie and cristina. and e...
Saved by the Shepherds by ilovegreysanatomy129
Saved by the Shepherdsby MerderDempeoStan
Meredith is abandoned as a kid...who will be there to save her! I got some of this idea from a story called "Time won't let me go" on FanFiction.Net. Go read...
Merder: Different Circumstances by merdersloves
Merder: Different Circumstancesby merdersloves
What if Meredith and Derek had met under different circumstances? A fanfiction where Derek already has a teenage daughter from his previous marriage and Meredith isn't s...
It's been a long time by ilovegreysanatomy129
It's been a long timeby MerderDempeoStan
Meredith and Derek knew each other when they were kids... watch them grow up together and possibly drift apart.
What if by Greys_Leonie_MerDer
What ifby Leonie
What if something happend to Meredith and Zola after the big Merder fight in 7x22. Where Derek told Meredith she would be a bad mother. Will Derek lose the love of his l...
My Safe Place to Land by chiefmerder
My Safe Place to Landby merder stan 💓
It is 2007. Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for about 3 years now. Ellen Pompeo, freshly married to her husband, Chris Ivery, finds out he wasn't as great as she thou...
Tumors on the wall by _Ktje_
Tumors on the wallby _Ktje_
Meredith and Derek are married, they have 3 kids but Meredith discovered a lump in her breast // Collaboration with @merlucastan
In Your Eyes by merderland13
In Your Eyesby merderland13
Ellen and Patrick meet for the first time in New York they start as friends but what will happen between them? Will they overcome everything and be together or life wil...
Loosely Knotted [2/2] [✔] by nkgreysanatomy
Loosely Knotted [2/2] [✔]by N
Sequel to Becoming Undone -- 5 years ago, Meredith Grey was in a psychiatric ward being treated for an eating disorder. As she begins to plan her life with Derek Shepher...
Lost and Insecure by ilovegreysanatomy129
Lost and Insecureby MerderDempeoStan
Meredith codes in surgery. Her brain is deprived of oxygen for a long time. Does she make it out alive and well? Or does she suffer long term effects?
Unleash the Storm (Grey's Anatomy) by NadiaRomanoff
Unleash the Storm (Grey's Anatomy)by Nadia
Meredith had been going through extreme pain and odd symptoms for months. One day she wakes up and hits her breaking point. She is rushed to the hospital to finally get...
The Nanny by twihard7694
The Nannyby twihard7694
After Patrick's wife, Jill, passed away from a car accident, he needed help with his daughter Talulah. Ellen Pompeo is hired to be the nanny of Tal so that she can earn...