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Reign Of The Fallen & Reign Of Asmodeus SMUT by beckii_lizzie
Reign Of The Fallen & Reign Of BeckiiLizzie216
This fanfic experiences mature and sexual content. 18+ advised.
Bad is the New Good by KillerKissing
Bad is the New Goodby KillerKissing
An old boyfriend comes back to bite after not seeing each other in several years.
Hellboy and the angel  by demongirl48
Hellboy and the angel by Demon
Well here we are hellboy, just the place manning wanted us but who is that over there? An angel I do believe hopefully she won't hurt us or you.
Black Dove by shousetsuko
Black Doveby shousetsuko
Lillian Kendrick should have died on Halloween night but a devilishly handsome stranger revives her. Who is the stranger? And will her faith be stronger than her love?
If Only by monkeygin
If Onlyby Sans_sinner_lover
My name is X and I'm more than I seem but no one believes me or aong because of my temper
Black Cat Bone by LucyBlue508
Black Cat Boneby Lucy Blue
"To make the black cat bone, you have to boil the cat alive. You have to listen to it die in agony and wait until the meat falls off the bones. You have to take t...
My Demon husband (Jimin x reader)  by Teahyung_Oppa
My Demon husband (Jimin x reader) by Teahyung_Oppa
Jimin's eyes turned red as he smirked looking at you. "Hello sweetheart" your eyes widened as you stared at him, you wanted to say something or scream, but yo...