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Reincarnated as a Monster! by AkumaTheWriter
Reincarnated as a Monster!by Akuma
A young man named Kozu died and has been reincarnated as a Fox Monster! What will he do next or... will he even survive.
  • adventure
  • evolve
  • monster
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I Became a Level 1 Demon Lord After Dying by _Ryuz_
I Became a Level 1 Demon Lord _Ryuz_
A puddle of blood, painted the lively road of Japan. It is Katashi Watanabe that has died. A pure soul constricted by the laws of society. However, a second chance was g...
  • action
  • shounenai
  • boyxboy
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Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf  by TheRealMasochist
Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf by Kazuma
Itami Kurai is killed and sent to another world; given powers by the Gods of the fantasy world and proposed with a choice: Join the Humans and slaughter the demons or jo...
  • magic
  • shounen
  • manga
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A Twist of Fate (Link x Reader x Ghirahim) by CluLessFanGirl
A Twist of Fate (Link x Reader x Clu
You were a proud knight of Skyloft. You had decent grades, excellent sword skills, and you were quick and clever. But you felt like you were underappreciated. You dedica...
  • ghirahimxreader
  • öf
  • xreader
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The World Strongest Demon Lord Is Reincarnator by Seraphim572000
The World Strongest Demon Lord
Sukiko Rinka, a 17-year-old japan girl that dead in car incident. When her soul in Astral world, she seeing a glimmer light on the darkness and before she knows, she al...
  • demi-god
  • magic
  • evil-god
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Reincarnated in a Magical World by DBlaNQ
Reincarnated in a Magical Worldby Christian Mizimakovski
Chriss is a normal human. He lives his life in japan alone since his parents are away from home. He is not from japan. He is from England. He goes to a high school in To...
  • revange
  • malelead
  • magic
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Getting reincarnated? As a snake? by -Ghost-Boy-
Getting reincarnated? As a snake?by -Ghost-Boy-
Join our main character Akuma as he dies.... and gets reincarnated into a snake.
  • monster
  • demonlord
  • anime
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My Legend Academia (MHA fantasy AU fanfic) by MigyTheWorld
My Legend Academia (MHA fantasy MigyTheWorld
The demon lord only known as gAll for One has risen once more, and this time he was not alone together with his demon army they will sought out to do what they planned t...
  • demonlord
  • bnha
  • mha
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Ghirahim x Child Kitsune/Human Reader (Male/Female) by CaitlinKQuartz
Ghirahim x Child Kitsune/Human Caitlin K. Quartz
A small kitsune, hurt, broken and betrayed by his/her own clan. Was chased into the woods of Awgatow, Hyrule. Injured on the brink of possible death with no one to turn...
  • link
  • zelda
  • friendship
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Tales From the Multiverse by 4242desu
Tales From the Multiverseby 4242desu
Collection of short stories from the 500-word write-in challenge. If I go over 500 words I may write a full length version as well.
  • magic
  • summoning
  • hide
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RE: Herobrine by YHLBlizzard
RE: Herobrineby YonasoHenry
Tahun 2030, era dimana teknologi virtual-reality merajalela. Legend of Minecraft adalah sebuah game VRMMORPG yang merupakan hasil kerjasama antara Mojang dan RGR Progres...
  • future
  • herobrine
  • anime
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Keishu : Kami no Kibo no Gadian by EijiYuki
Keishu : Kami no Kibo no Gadianby Ai
Hai para readers ketemu lagi dengan saya Eiji Yukio di sini Ini adalah cerita kolaborasi saya dengan teman saya. Saya di sini hanya berperan sebagai pengetik dan penyem...
  • angel
  • dewi
  • demonlord
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The Angel Goddess- How Not to Summon a Demon Lord x OP!Fem!OC by epicface752
The Angel Goddess- How Not to Anime trash you find everywhe...
In regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Takuma Sakamoto and Asura Nightsong boasted overwhelming strength that was enough for them to be called the Demon King and the An...
  • pantherians
  • rem
  • krebskulm
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i love you › seduce me the otome by lunarjeon
i love you › seduce me the otomeby m♡
A - S A M - F A N F I C Noelle Cyrene is troubled; having to deal with her brother's mischievous and flirtatious behavior towards her classmates and with the last bits o...
  • malix
  • erik
  • eris
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Legends of Old by TrashFan33
Legends of Oldby Literal Trash
Young Katsuki Bakugou is caught in a dangerous game, featuring dragons and a demon overlord. But at least he has his friends.
  • fantasyau
  • demonlord
  • dragonkirishima
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I Am A Demon King: And Now What? by KishidaYuuWP
I Am A Demon King: And Now What?by Kishida Yuu
A guy whose dream is to sleep for 25 hours a day. He unexpectedly got transferred to another world, greeted by a girl with a pair of horns saying, "How was your sle...
  • lazymc
  • animegirls
  • anime
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Flying Skyward (Ghirahim X Dragon Reader) by twhite31
Flying Skyward (Ghirahim X Tess LaCarol White
I have no i dear why...but I'm gonna make a flipping fanfiction of Ghirahim. Why am I saying this? Well for one, Im terrified of him, two, I loath him, and three...that...
  • leaftaildragon
  • skywardsword
  • ghirahim
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Pureblood + Mage by armanijones666
Pureblood + Mageby armani jones
After his first servent and childhood friend picked his younger twin brother Eriya as a master Aki had to find a new servent. Image his surprise when the girl he picked...
  • master
  • servant
  • akilu
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Demon Lord III by dmwtamer
Demon Lord IIIby Legendary Tamer
La nueva amenaza tiene en riesgo incluso al bajo mundo, Beelzebumon viaja a Dark Area para poner fin a todo.
  • myotismon
  • demonlord
  • vamdemon
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