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Naruto: The Red Eyed Demon  by mdndndmfmf
Naruto: The Red Eyed Demon by mdndndmfmf
Naruto gets the full Nine Tails sealed inside in him which affects his appearance and personality which turns him insane much like Gaara how will everything change and h...
Naruto gets a mate by user22670647
Naruto gets a mateby Ami Ookami
Naruto brought back Sasuke only to be betrayed by his friends and family (sorry not good at descriptions) (I own nothing but the story and one OC. Covers not mine)
Kurama X reader: pocky game by DevilishGal
Kurama X reader: pocky gameby Devilishgal
what will happen when you and your childhood friend kurama played a pocky game? will this game open up a next level of relationship or will it ruined the closeness you...
Kurama X reader: Valentines day. by DevilishGal
Kurama X reader: Valentines Devilishgal
Will you be able to confess your true feelings to kurama and be his date for Valentine's day when there's a lot of girls trying to win his heart as well? read and find...
R E A S O N  || Kurama Fanfic by exomiraexo
R E A S O N || Kurama Fanficby 🦊 M i R a e B🌹
"I have no reason to live." "Then, let me be your reason to live." [NOTE : This fanfic is based on my real life and true feelings. This book in itsel...
Darkness | A Naruto Fanfic by BlondieNaruto
Darkness | A Naruto Fanficby BlondieNaruto
Sadness. Loneliness. Pain. Three emotions Naruto Uzumaki was quite used to. He was the demon of the village. He never was sure why everyone hated him - but they did. And...
Guardians of the Screen by Marrragan
Guardians of the Screenby Mad Marrragan
This story picks up 10 years to the day after Zheng Xue Jing first acquired the Magic Screen in Episode 1 of the television series "Fox in the Screen" "Pi...
Let Me Stay Or Let Me Go by lissette6200
Let Me Stay Or Let Me Goby lissette6200
Rick is your average 19 year old right? WRONG! He used to live with his parents in the demon world but he couldn't take the crap he got from everyone around him when he...
The Adventures of Nico Zamora: The Minokawa by cyannainpajama
The Adventures of Nico Zamora: cyannainpajama
This story is an ongoing YA novel writing project based on Philippine mythology. Nico Zamora, the main protagonist, discovers that his father is a member of a secret org...
The Myths ( Japan ) by Kawaiis_Lord
The Myths ( Japan )by Kawaiis_Lord
Myths, are story that is used to believe before which we, the present, know that it is impossible. Here are the mythical stories around the world.
sebastian's brother by sebbyiscool
sebastian's brotherby i'm cooler than u
this is a black butler story so if u do not know the anime u should watch it and come back to read my story😘
Naruto Switched are NINJUTUS by Zinnie13
Naruto Switched are NINJUTUSby
Naruto sneaks into the Hokage's office, and finds an anicent scroll in an language he can't understand. He tries to do the hand signs, and this werid pain in his stomach...
Unnoticed by All by KwamiKake
Unnoticed by Allby KwamiKake
Here's a Naruto fic for ya! I'm not entirely sire how this will go but I hope you like it. Imma also change the name at some point when I think of a good one. I do not o...
Kitsune no Daku by Ash54thegravekeeper
Kitsune no Dakuby WolfsBane54
After a millennium long slumber, young Daku awakens to a world that is not of his own. One that is filled to the brim with humans as far as the eye can see. Now he must...
THE OTHER UZUMAKI by stayleyhasmyheart
Menma Uzumaki is Naruto's slightly older brother. They're twins. they're both pranksters with Menma being more mischievous than Naruto. And they both harbor tailed-beast...