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Demon's Genesis by KyaniteJaye
Demon's Genesisby Jaye
Lloyd is a young, lithe tom brought up in a loving family with a kind father, strict mother, and a classically full of himself older brother. When a tragedy strikes the...
  • heart
  • demon
  • cat
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Broken Arrows | Miya × Alucard by littlejendeukie
Broken Arrows | Miya × Alucardby 젠듀 키에 카 리아 소
"You can't run from my arrow." The Enchanted Forest, home to the Moon Elves, is being attacked by the Orcs and the Blood Demon Queen, Alice, and billions of M...
  • ruby
  • kagura
  • kimmy
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Naruto has been adopted by the uchiha clan, why? well because they are the only ones who can teach him to control the kyuubi. naruto and sasuke grow up as brothers, more...
  • sharingan
  • naruto
  • narutoxino
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Camp Genesis- Darkiplier x Reader by PutNameHere225
Camp Genesis- Darkiplier x Readerby Put Name Here
(Y/N) was framed, her life was ruined, and now that she supposedly committed mass genocide she is getting to taken to a camp. There is no order in this camp as all the p...
  • darkiplier
  • pewdiepie
  • criminal
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Demon Prince And Me by princess_kpop_13
Demon Prince And Meby Connie Vergy Eddai
Being a secret agent is so hard... You have to accomplish your mission without FOOLING around but what if you are FALLING with the The DEMON PRINCE? He knows how to play...
  • sweet
  • demon
  • stoneheart
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The Dreamer and his Demon by TheseSavageBeasts
The Dreamer and his Demonby vanYEETas
Meet Damien, the young mage that got kicked out of Nevma Academy, the school for young good souls who fight demons. And Nevei, his swaggering, badass demon familiar and...
  • supernatural
  • magic
  • demon
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Lucifer | Mark Pellegrino by Mewkittenmew
Lucifer | Mark Pellegrinoby Kaya
"He call's himself the devil and makes me wanna sin, but with dragging me to hell, he makes my pain go away."
  • devil
  • demon
  • holy
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my big sister is a demon lord | 我的姐姐是個大魔王 by amae-sama
my big sister is a demon lord | 我的 Amae
A heart-warming story of how a human has been summoned by a demon to become her little brother.
  • siblings
  • wholesome
  • demonlord
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 Time Keeper  by meeeeowssy
Time Keeper by Arya
Tagasundo ako ng mga kaluluwang ihahatid sa impyerno. Taga turo ng daan sa mga kaluluwa paakyat sa paraiso Tagabantay ng oras ng buhay ng mga tao sa mundo. Ako ang nagt...
  • natannunes
  • romance
  • love
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An Eternity Without You {KiriBaku} by Catidas04
An Eternity Without You {KiriBaku}by Catidas04
"What are you..?" "A human?" "But.. no ones ever made it this far.. so why you..?" ••••••••••••••• Set in the past that moves to present da...
  • bnha
  • kirishimaeijirou
  • bakugokatsuiu
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heartless II noli by excusebianca
heartless II noliby bianca!
"anyone can change." "you clearly haven't met me, sweetheart." all of the art shown is not mine unless stated otherwise. [ short chapters ]
  • purgatory
  • heavenandhell
  • angels
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DEMON by Kimbapppp
DEMONby Legendary_Kim
An angel who fell inlove with a demon "please....don't give up on me" pagmamaka-awa ko sa kanaya
  • action
  • streetfighter
  • memorable
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Tom lucitor  X reader (svtfoe) by tripped-setting
Tom lucitor X reader (svtfoe)by 🖖Nadine💚
Meeting star butterfly was probably the best thing that had happened to me. Meeting new people along your guys journey becoming more "mature" and ALSO Falling...
  • mewni
  • starco
  • starvstheforcesofevil
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Art Book And Bullshit 3  by LillyLacksTalent
Art Book And Bullshit 3 by Procrastination god
Hey!! Welcome to my 3rd artbook, wow im already here.. anyway! In this book you will find • Commissions • Ocs (lots of em) • Ships • Werewolves, Vampires, humanoids, an...
  • artbook
  • lgbt
  • traditional
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Don't Forget... | NCT Jisung by jaemyths
Don't Forget... | NCT Jisungby 한대강♡
잊지 마 (Don't Forget) - in our next life, let's meet again. » date started: 190503 » status: on-going
  • fantasy
  • jisung
  • marklee
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Heartless - Book 2 by rafaela_bara
Heartless - Book 2by Rafaela Bara
(This the Book 2, make sure you read Faithless first) After the unexpected happened, Megan is finally able to access her powers and now she has to learn to control them...
  • love
  • hot
  • angelsanddemons
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My Demon Babe (JJK) by IcelCyraRosales
My Demon Babe (JJK)by Icel Cyra Rosales
A long time ago 7 angels had a war with god for unknown reasons, god decided to expel them from heaven and make a kingdom full of hatred and fire, until a girl was chose...
  • btsfanfic
  • jungkook
  • demon
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Eumoirous by aizrin_
Eumoirousby - яιи1024 -
[ON-GOING] Original Story ❝Do you not know, that your life has been based on a lie for all this time?❞ Living in a "normal" royal and noble life, sugar-coated...
  • empire
  • prince
  • students
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It has passed seven years after Hanzo had left earth to train with the angel Michael to prepare to fight the black knights. Several lost sacred artifacts had been discov...
  • demon
  • magic
  • league
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Supernatural Memes by inmalusance
Supernatural Memesby mari
135 chapters and counting Daily memes and text posts, 5 per chapter! The cover was made by @WxndxrWxman so make sure to give them a follow :)) #2 in supernatural as of...
  • god
  • heaven
  • lucifer
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