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Kamen rider geats x demon slayer(DGP Slayer game) by NghimV321
Kamen rider geats x demon slayer( Nghiêm Võ
desire is what people have it, whether good,broken or pure evil,Every and each of them,have a desire of them,But questions is how they fullfill they desire,and how will...
Female Kokushibo x Male demon slayer by Kayden_Xce
Female Kokushibo x Male demon Kayden_Xce
Y/n is a young demon slayer who is talented but soft and kind hearted, In the past before he became a demon slayer, His grandfather who is cursed by a disease always tal...
Corrupted Worlds by Bozo_Of_The_Internet
Corrupted Worldsby InternetBozo
Chara Finds that after frisk broke the barrier for the one millionth time frisk decided to give up, reliving Chara. The world has other plans for Chara. Chara finds them...
Tanjiro Kamado: King of all. by Tempest_Wind
Tanjiro Kamado: King of Tempest_Wind
This story follows a young boy named tanjiro kamado. he lives happily in the mountains with his family but One day his family gets killed but he manages to strike the at...
Winded - KNYxOC by _underscorer_
Winded - KNYxOCby An underscore_
"Did you fall asleep on your mission again?" "...Oops" "Dammit Hayashi, how many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that!?" Hayashi...
InoAoi - Exhausted Inosuke! by xiaoplungeintomepls
InoAoi - Exhausted Inosuke!by xiaos#1fan
Inosuke ends up sleeping in the same bed as... Aoi?! canon ship btw, and the art isn't mine, though the plot is
Muzan Deku (Villain universe) by ECHOBLOODGOD
Muzan Deku (Villain universe)by Echo Chaos
Muzan gets reincarnated into a baby boy known as Izuku Midoriya, He knows who he is and what he was in the past, he gets his power back but he gets neglected for it, wil...
Tankana Stories by NightTimeInsomniac21
Tankana Storiesby NightTimeInsomniac21
Hi, I'm a huge tankana fan. I've never quite found any tankana stories that I liked so, I wanted to dedicate this to all my fello tankana shippers!! ; . ; . WARNING: con...
KnY pictures and memes that I have saved on my computer by Tsunami_the_Raccoon
KnY pictures and memes that I Hello, I am a raccoon
Literally made this so I can look at all my favourite pictures and memes with ease.
◇Bound to love you◇ ~Demon slayer~ by GuideOfTheMatrix
◇Bound to love you◇ ~Demon slayer~by ✧Aixlen✧
This is a fanfic I've decided to make of boredom. Fun fact: anime characters are fictional characters, and can be altered to fit any circumstance. I will not deal with h...
Demon Slayer! Little Demon! by AlexMagnie
Demon Slayer! Little Demon!by Alex Magnie
Tanjiro and Nezuko are two people who lived in Japan during the feudal era in a Japan overrun with demons. Demons will eat people who wander at night. If you stay indoor...
Tanjiro: El demonio by Keifert
Tanjiro: El demonioby Keifert
Tanjiro Kamado es un cazador de demonios muy peculiar... pues su hermana es un demonio... esta fue transformada en uno en un incidente provocado en su antiguo hogar... e...
feelings . . . douma x gn!reader by zensliz
feelings . . . douma x gn!readerby xo
a young boy born with rainbow eyes, worshipped and adored. nobody treated him like a living person- someone who's living. the rainbow-eyed boy just wants someone to see...
Tankana - The Beating of a Heart by xiaoplungeintomepls
Tankana - The Beating of a Heartby xiaos#1fan
Zenitsu catches Tanjirou and Kanao talking. What does he hear? Kanao's heartbeat, of course! Kanao x Tanjirou, with third wheel Zenitsu.
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Villain DEKU by Dxtremer
Villain DEKUby Lost Soul
Izuku a boy born quirkless gets beaten up by others just because he dreams of being a hero, but he still goes on because the only light of hope in his dark world was his...
A Forbidden Love by xTsuyuAsuix
A Forbidden Loveby xxT0byxx
Tanjiro and Nezuko have a strong connection... stronger than any usual siblings... will people not accept the romance, or will they accept the fact that they have a deep...
The Complete Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) Explained by nezuham
The Complete Demon Slayer (
Kimetsu no yaiba is actually a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. Here, i simply explained all of the manga in a few pages. Hope so y'all...
What if Rui never became a demon? by SuperB3rry
What if Rui never became a demon?by Rui
Rui Ayaki, from Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), is unfortunately a demon. This will include spoilers of what happened to him, but if you already know what happened and...
Anime Zodiac by Kathleeny1120
Anime Zodiacby 黒死 ケイン
Anime things based on your zodiac!
My Hero academia x demon slayer reader/oc (reader/oc x Muichiro) by Changedmynameandpfp
My Hero academia x demon slayer Changed my name and pfp
You are Chiyo Tomioka. You, Muichiro, and Giyuu find a portal that leads you to the world of mha. What happens when you find the Other demon slayers? What happens when y...