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Hamilton Parental Preferences by Rhochesse08
Hamilton Parental Preferencesby Rea
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be the son/daughter of the Hamilsquad? Well, wonder no more. Also, I made the cover, but I don't own Hamilton or it's charac...
Democratic Republicans  by annaofcleves
Democratic Republicans by Angelica
The Schuyler Sisters fall for some handsome yet qualified young men. Men that are their fathers enemies. Will this work out, or will the sisters have to give up the lov...
Atonement? by Lusterdragon72
Atonement?by Danieljames Joaquin Domar
We all have regrets. We all smile. We all frown. Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word from others or seeing that someone else is also going through pain to under...
Several by chubbgruppe92
Severalby chubbgruppe92
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Wall by aramintashepard56
Wallby aramintashepard56
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Fire emblem what if America exist  by WriterWho11th
Fire emblem what if America exist by Writer
America was born from other colonies Over years kingdoms people move to monarch to democracy and their leader is the president and began to unite all kingdoms into state...
demigods and Hogwarts meet by artemis2281
demigods and Hogwarts meetby Alex
the seven Thalia clarisse Katie Malcolm and a bunch of others go ti Hogwarts the wizards and witches will know who they are to help in the war against Voldemort hermion...
Worker by nevaweil56
Workerby nevaweil56
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Organization by aigneispimm89
Organizationby aigneispimm89
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Game by mitzlmehta73
Gameby mitzlmehta73
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Computer by blackburnwoxell96
Computerby blackburnwoxell96
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Effect by roxytormo42
Effectby roxytormo42
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Operation by murtonlescohier66
Operationby murtonlescohier66
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Authority by noellatsuda70
Authorityby noellatsuda70
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By by brettmcniece45
Byby brettmcniece45
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Forward by tiffohara96
Forwardby tiffohara96
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Bring by politipaltrinieri17
Bringby politipaltrinieri17
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Know by fonshassan43
Knowby fonshassan43
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TV by gallagherru99
TVby gallagherru99
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Serve by kuebbingmagnani20
Serveby kuebbingmagnani20
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