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Politics: This Book Is Free by CivilSpeaker
Politics: This Book Is Freeby C I V I L I T Y
You ask me my political opinions, and I tell you how I feel. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This book may contain opinions that you may disagree with. Deal with it, as I am just...
  • freedom
  • republican
  • opinions
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The Conservative Thinker: Political Thoughts by RepublicanRebel
The Conservative Thinker: April Carroll
These are my own thoughts on different political subjects, thus meaning that I have not done research (unless stated). The chapters are on different topics, and I will t...
  • random
  • democrat
  • conservative
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HATE SPEECHby CrazyChristian
Random chapters on politics from the perspective of a conservative girl. Everyone on the political spectrum is welcome! Don't worry... I (mostly) don't bite!
  • redpill
  • american
  • debate
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Politics  by NothinToSeeHere
Politics by Carebear
Political rants from a democrat.
  • democrat
  • nothintoseehere
  • politics
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UNPOPULAR OPINIONSby “Hands of gold”
Politics, more serious shiet
  • christianity
  • politics
  • unpopular
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Politics! by NoahHutch
Politics!by Noah Hutchison
Let's talk politics. Debate freely, but please keep it respectful. No cursing!
  • alm
  • unitedstates
  • hillary
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Politics by GodTierDebater
Politicsby Hulk God
my political opinions. feel free to debate me.
  • politics
  • sexism
  • opinions
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CONSERVATIVE |politics| by wisestill
CONSERVATIVE |politics|by wise
The media is conquering how the world thinks. Sadly the media is biased. It only tells one side of the stories. Here is the other.
  • republicians
  • liberal
  • hilaryclinton
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my [unpopular] political opinions by mahogany-green
my [unpopular] political opinionsby nora
because i have a lot of thoughts and stuff
  • democrat
  • random
  • liberal
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Politics Part 1 by NiallsLaughIsMyLaugh
Politics Part 1by that girl Renee
This book is in no way meant to persuade or offend anybody. However, if your opinions are different than mine, I'm sure some offense will be taken. My advice: don't be...
  • trump
  • patriot
  • backtheblue
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 The Anti-SJW Handbook by hornessy
The Anti-SJW Handbookby pure faggotry
just my thoughts and opinions about politics, feminism, and life
  • liberal
  • racism
  • conservative
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Grave's Fantabulous Book Of Writings by Grace-eliza
Grave's Fantabulous Book Of Fiftyshadesoffemme
Just some random blurbs in here.
  • trump
  • democrats
  • equality
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Donald Trump Lemons by Irritated_Wimp
Donald Trump Lemonsby Toko Toko
Do I have to explain? also 18+
  • dicc
  • republican
  • neko
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The Political and Religious Ramblings of an American Schoolgirl by CatieRain
The Political and Religious Catie Rain
And here are all my rants, arguments, and thoughts on society, government, church, and life in America in general. If you aren't going to keep an open mind, please go b...
  • religious
  • antilgbt
  • keepanopenmind
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Political Essays (Debating Book) by inherentlynotme
Political Essays (Debating Book)by little brucie
In this book I will be posting essays, prompts for debate, copies of letters I have written to political figures, and other pieces of writing that will inspire debate. ...
  • letters
  • democracy
  • america
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American Borne by WriterAndromeda
American Borneby A.E. Sterling
*READ ON RADISH FOR THE LATEST UPDATES* Who runs the world? This bitch... Serena Borne has a dream-to become the first Black Woman to be elected President of the United...
  • adultsonly
  • democrat
  • republican
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Adopted by Osama Bin Laden by KermitTheSmut
Adopted by Osama Bin Ladenby KermitTheSmut
Adolfine has been in the orphanage since she was two. What will happen when a certain radical Muslim walks through the doors?
  • republican
  • readers
  • osama
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The Tea House by WriterAndromeda
The Tea Houseby A.E. Sterling
Within this book, I will talk about my stance on several important subjects within the world such as LGBT Rights, Black Lives Matter, Politics, and more. ...
  • people
  • writing
  • republican
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Finish by macleanstoico86
Finishby macleanstoico86
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  • develop
  • challenge
  • both
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